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Bryan Fuller's Misandry Is Applauded as "Genius Television"

Social Media, Fandoms, Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards2 Comments

(This article contains spoilers for Hannibal and graphic images and descriptions so be warned)

Since the beginning of the run of Hannibal, Bryan Fuller talked numerous times about giving Freddie Lounds the same death that her male counterpart had in the books. He had originally genderswapped her in order to put more female characters in the show which would have been admirable had he actually used her character in a way that portrayed anything like a strong woman. In season one Freddie was my favorite female character and seeing as how at this point I'm just going to pretend seasons two and three never happened I really am only going to remember her as she was in season one when she was still good and the show was still good. However, Fuller, being a self proclaimed feminist (Seriously the guy who tweeted a link to support "Potty Mouth Princesses" and can't shut up about how oppressed and exploited women are in the media) ruined his show and turned it into bullshit. I've already covered this topic before in the hiatus between season two and season three:

So I won't really rehash what I said here but what I will say is that I could have never imagined how badly feminism could ruin the show and go on to say I am absolutely shocked that the level of misandry people will ignore because "Oh well it doesn't matter if a man is hurt, that's good television."

Now I don't mind torture or deaths of characters, even characters I like, or that happen to be female but what happened on Hannibal last night was above and beyond disgusting for several reasons. As I mentioned, the character of Freddie Lounds was slated to get the same death as her counterpart from the book. However there was just one problem with this. It meant the death of another female main. Considering what happened when Fuller killed only ONE female main cast member (at her request because she was pregnant and wanted to leave the show) I could see why Fuller wouldn't want to piss them off ever again. It got so bad even the actress had to make a statement explaining Fuller wasn't racist or sexist. Though he intended to kill Freddie how he was supposed to, once exposed to the feminists (the same group he claims to be a part of) he knuckled under and switched out her death with a MAN'S instead.

It made me realize, this entire show, there was one man constantly tortured and tormented for sheer entertainment value. Frederick Chilton. I've been a fan of this character since I was 16. I loved him in the books, love him in the original movies, and I loved him in the show. I was writing fan fiction for Chilton before there was even a fandom for Chilton. This character is one of my all time favorite creations. I'm aware he's very hated and he isn't a character people are meant to like, but I do (and so do quite a few other people just not that many). For some reason, Fuller decided he was going to make Chilton his own personal whipping boy this entire show. It started in season one when he was kidnapped and eviscerated, losing a kidney in the ordeal. Which at the time was somewhat understandable and made sense in the over all plot of the show. Later Chilton gets his revenge on the man who did this to him, having him savagely beaten while under his care. I never claimed Chilton was a GOOD guy but seriously if someone took my kidney I'd probably beat the shit out of him as well. 

As we continue on with season 2, there were more things done to Chilton. First and foremost, he was the only one to believe Will. He tried to convince everyone else that Hannibal was a cannibal but no one listened. Apparently even Will forgot this as well. It seemed everyone ignored the fact that Chilton was right so that Fuller could continue to torture him in various ways. First he was framed for all the murders of the ripper in a very unlikely story arc that made no sense considering at the time when Chilton was supposed to have committed these murders he was walking around with a cane:

Then in another very unlikely scenario you have Chilton get shot in the face. Given the way the gun was being used and the fact that there is supposed to be bulletproof glass and no weapons in interrogation rooms none of this should have ever happened but for some reason Fuller has a boner for torturing this guy so guess what?

The audience is led to believe he's dead and the character apparently goes into hiding so he won't be target by Hannibal again because it's only after he's shot in the face that anyone actually believes him. By the way, this scene was done pretty much apropos of nothing and only for shock value. There was no reason for it to happen. Yet by episode four of season three there is the reveal that Chilton is now deformed from the shot to the face:

Lucky for him as in another unrealistic series of events, Chilton is able to look completely normal with just a partial denture and a bit of make up to cover the bullet wound on his face. Awesome. If this wasn't bad enough, by episode twelve of season three the worst is yet to come for Chilton.

Ignoring the fact that Chilton tried to help Will, and several times, Fuller switches out Freddie's original intended death with Chilton. A death that Freddie should have rightfully gotten. However she's female so apparently that's not okay to do any more because feminists are vicious assholes and known to spam twitter accounts of people they think are misogynists. I love Freddie Lounds she COULD have been an amazing character but instead of developing her, Fuller writes her based off of what an INSANE WOMAN has as headcanon (because he's all about fan service) and decides to keep her alive because feminists might get pissy. What does he do instead? Well lets see, first he has Chilton's face ripped apart:

Then he has him set on fire while still being alive:

Then I mean obviously this guy hasn't suffered enough so lets make him survive for a while after this and I do mean A WHILE as apparently (and totally realistically) he's some how coherent enough to talk and give information about the case to help save a life:

Ignoring the fact that this is incredibly unlikely as even if this man were to survive he certainly wouldn't be talking, why? WHY do all of this? Most likely for shock value. Yet this same man who has done all of this to a male character is completely against using rape as a plot device in TV because it is "wrong" and it exploits women. Yet to drag a character through the mud (one who isn't even THAT BAD might I add) through three seasons, this isn't exploitation? This isn't shock value? This isn't pointless gore and torture for the sake of making people gasp and whine and vomit? RAPE is your problem? Because OMG Women might be EXPLOITED in a fictional medium? And yet you fully support the other show Raul Esparza (Chilton) is on and that show is about NOTHING BUT RAPE. He's on Law And Order: SVU and Fuller seems to LOVE that show but god for fucking bid he put rape in his own show or harm a fucking woman.

Now had this been done as originally planned to the female character, Freddie, who by the way COMPLETELY deserved it and far beyond Chilton, guess what would have happened? More backlash than he ever gotten in season two for killing Beverly (which was done completely off screen and you only ever saw her body after, while it was implied Hannibal ate her). He wimps out, give s a character a death that doesn't even MAKE SENSE after torturing him for NO REASON other than to shock people for three seasons. I'm not easily bothered by gore or violence. I like shows and movies that hurt characters in order to further a plot. Yet there was no lessons learned here for anyone who really needs to learn them.

Freddie Lounds, the woman who was supposed to get this death, antagonized and lied about Will all through season one. In season two she attempted to lie in court to get him the death penalty. In season three it was revealed that she took a picture of him in the hospital while he was naked and published it, while also publishing a story about how he was gay. She wrote several articles about Dolarhyde that were intentionally antagonizing and yet she walks away from it. Also don't expect closure on her character because Fuller is a SHIT writer who never gave a damn about Freddie Lounds other than to use her as a TERRIBLE PLOT DEVICE. The only reason I can and do like her is because of stuff I've created myself in my own head. The recipe of this show is disastrous. It's like we were given all the right ingredients but not in the right amounts. Freddie has maybe had 15 minutes of screen time total, she will not get an ending story and she will just flitter away into nothingness.

Meanwhile, this man is tortured and brutally at that for three damn seasons with no feminist outrage and no one saying a fucking word because he's a man. The double standards that feminists have (including Bryan Fuller himself because he's such a self proclaimed feminist) are sickening. If Freddie Lounds was treated this way instead of Chilton guess what would have happened. You damn well know what would have happened. Caving to feminist peer pressure Fuller mangled his own show to give a really brutal torture and most likely (eventual) death to a male character who never EVER deserved this level of cruelty. Bryan Fuller is a disgusting asshole and no one is EVER going to call him on it because he can't shut up about how RAPE OF WOMEN IS TOTES BAD and how STRONG WOMEN TV CHARACTERS (which he's SHIT AT WRITING) are THE BEST THING IN THE UNIVERSE. Thank you Bryan Fuller, for proving me right and ruining what could have been an amazing show. I hope you continue to fail at everything you do seeing as how now show you ever created made it past a season three. If it were up to me, your liver would be eaten with some fava beans and a nice chanti, it damn well should be.