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Racism, Fandoms, and Complete Morons

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In June of this year I asked a girl in the Hannibal fandom a question. Mostly I was attempting to call her out on her bullshit because I'm 100% sure she scammed the production company for Hannibal to get free merchandise. Instead of answering my question like any normal person would, she ran to her followers and told them to attack me. As a result this girl came around, who I don't even know, to tell me she was going to beat my ass:

As you can see another fannibal chimed in to claim she'd help her beat my ass, which is really funny because all I wanted was proof that this girl was actually attacked and in the hospital as she said because her story has a bunch of holes you can drive a truck through. Even more oddly, someone sent me a letter she wrote while she was also supposed to be in a coma but I digress. The point is this girl was a liar, I called her on it, she got scared, and she sent people to attack me. Whatever. So I confronted this @DaddyMads person because I'm not scared of internet threats I've gotten far worse than hers.

As you can see she responds and she says that yes she wants my address because I talk so much shit online I deserve to have my ass kicked. Okay cool, the conversation continues:

As with any other idiot bully, once confronted she immediately backs down and claims that I want to play the victim even though I totally offered up my ass for her to kick because I'm not afraid of her, which I guess means I actually am afraid of her? Whatever okay. So the point is that she left me alone. I blocked her and she blocked me, whatever. So about a month passes and a friend of mine who follows her didn't believe that she ever threatened me. I went back into her archives to get the tweets and saw that not only is this woman completely psycho, she also ships herself with Mads as in she thinks they are in a relationship because she got a picture with him?

What's even worse is like 90% of her twitter account is about how terrible white people are so I tweeted her asking her how she could be totally in love with Mads and hate white people cause you know he's from Denmark so he's like the whitest guy ever. Of course here is her response:

So I suppose she believes all her horrible tweets about how horrible white people are (just because they are white) isn't racism when it actually is, you know since the definition of racism is:

Basically this woman thinks that she is dating Mads cause she paid 50 dollars to have her picture taken with him, that white people are fucking terrible, and that you can't be racist to white people if you love at least ONE white person even if you think the rest of them are awful and terrible:

Yeah but no, she's totally not racist against white people because white people invented racism and racism doesn't exist and everything is totally okay because she loves Mads and he's white. Wonder how he'd feel about her twitter account. Oh and for the record, one of her friends (also a fannibal who runs a hate blog for me) just threatened to kick my ass too:

Also both of them seem to think stalking is looking at tweets/blogs in a public area and that using the word retard should get someone thrown in jail. The Hannibal fandom is full of morons and sadly this is only a few of them, they aren't too hard to find.