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Feminists: Please Stop Comparing Men To Dogs

Anti-Feminism, RapeMonica Edwards1 Comment

There is something I see a lot of on social media, and it's this feminist obsession with comparing men to animals, most specifically dogs. You'll find posts about how you can set a jar of peanut butter on the ground in front of a dog who really likes peanut butter and yell at him NO and he won't go try to eat the peanut butter because he knows what the word NO means. This bothers me on several levels because they seem to think this is an equal comparison to men who are rapists, when there are so many things wrong with that mentality.

For one, a statement like that 100% denotes that feminists want complete control over men. That they want to train them OR think that men can be trained. For two, this also states that they believe men have some instinct to rape people which also isn't true. This idea that all men are constantly suppressing rape urges is just utterly fucking stupid.

You will see shit like this floating around A LOT as if for SOME REASON dogs are BETTER than men because if you scream NO at them they'll stop doing what they are doing. The reality of the situation is, that not all dogs will listen to the word no. They have to be TRAINED. So what this suggests is TRAINING MEN. This also suggests that men are fucking morons who will respond to simple commands like "no" if you yell at them hard enough. When I first got my dog, he didn't at all respond to the word NO. I had to teach him that. Then you have to consider the fact that if a dog wants something bad enough he's not going to fucking listen to the word NO because a dog is governed by instincts.

Yes you do need to finish this. You need to finish this because you still don't get to have an irrational fear of ALL men because ONE man raped you. You just don't. I'm speaking as a survivor of sexual assault myself. Three different ones by three different men over my life, ALL of which I got blamed for.

Recently I was at a dog park with my dog (and i bring this up since apparently it's now completely okay to compare male rapists to dogs) and he was playing with other dogs his size. A small dog got into the mix I mean a really small dog like the size of one of his toys. He picked it up in his mouth and bit it. He didn’t try to shake it or harm it, he held it in his mouth like one of his toys and we had to go get it out. He never growled or even stood in a way that denoted he was angry, he just held it proudly in his mouth like he would hold a toy. It wasn’t aggressive it was an instinct because he thought the three bigger dogs he was playing with were fighting over the a toy when in actuality it was a living dog. (the dog is fine, by the way, and going to make a full recovery).

My point? HUMAN MEN do not have some RAPE instinct. They don’t. As much as feminists want to claim that it’s okay to fear ALL men because OMG POTENTIAL RAPISTS they do not have some instinct to rape. Dogs, on the other hand have instincts that they cannot control like that. As I mentioned, I was sexually assaulted by three different men over my life. Now, am I cautious around men? Yes. DO I HAVE AN IRRATIONAL FUCKING FEAR OF MEN? No. You know why? Because using common sense, logical deduction, and observation you can usually conclude if you are in a dangerous situation. Dogs on the other hand are ANIMALS and they have very different triggers, instincts, and moral standards. To blame ALL fucking men because ONE man raped you is idiotic and I can’t understand WHY the hell feminists CONSTANTLY do this shit.

They also never consider the fact that rapists, don't care about the whole NO MEANS NO code of ethics they are RAPISTS and this extends to the females who rape as well, because females DO RAPE people. They rape men and women and children, the concept of a female rapist is never even addressed and in the cases where it happens feminists are VERY quick to defend these women for one reason or another.

Rapists either know what they are doing is wrong, and don't care, or they have no concept of what they are doing (cause there is something mentally wrong with them) so shouting NO at these people like they are animals of a COMPLETELY DIFFERENT SPECIES Isn't even a VALID fucking comparison to make. Men are not animals, they are not dogs who can be trained to follow your commands. They are not pigs, insects, or M&Ms. They are human beings. Stop making these crap comparisons and generalizations because you THINK they make sense when they really don't. Not one bit. When you do this you just sound like a fucking retard who doesn't understand there is a huge difference between living, breathing, people and ANIMALS.