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Bi vs Pan vs Tumblr Stupidity

Tumblr, Social JusticeMonica EdwardsComment

For some reason there is this trend on tumblr not only to redefine the word bisexual, but to also call pansexuals and polysexuals "special snowflakes" because they are really just bisexuals who wants a different name for themselves and to be "unique". This is annoying on quite a few levels.

For one, tumblr has this desperate need to label literally EVERYTHING under the sun, mostly so they can scream oppression if someone doesn't like a label. Kind of like how a lot of them use the term DEMISEXUAL to describe themselves when that's not even a sexual orientation but if you try to tell them it's bullshit they label you as some sort of bigot/phobic/shamer and then use that as a free pass to attack the shit out of you. Awesome. So then we move on to the whole Bi vs Pan argument.

Bi, the prefix, means two. It doesn't take a genius to realize this. Man or Woman. That's what bisexuality is, you are attracted to TWO genders, as the prefix suggests. Tumblr will tell you that bisexual means EVERY gender identity though, and that's not true. If you want to go with EVERYTHING or MANY things you must use the term pan or poly. Bi will only ever mean TWO THINGS. You cannot change it because....well who the fuck knows WHY they want to change it? They are all assholes on that website.

What I do know is this:

There is no need to be all fucking in everyone's face with your sexuality. Tumblr is so damn obsessed with labels to define a person, whether it be a race, a sexual orientation, a political party, or a gender they value these things WAY more than personality or other accomplishments which NEVER helps anyone achieve equality. You cannot boil everything down to simple labels if you want people to get along. Labels isolate and destroy relationships, they do not bring people together.

Then you have these assholes who claim BISEXUAL MEANS EVERYTHING yelling at the pan/poly people like they are acting like "special snowflakes" when no that's not the case. The real special snowflakes are the idiots who think they can change the meaning of a prefix to be anything they want, and then use that logic to shame people who use the correct prefixes because they were too stupid to look up the definition of the word in the first place. A place like tumblr, where SJWs think that Cat/Dog/Dragon are gender identities would certainly agree there are more than TWO genders, hence a need for a different word if you are attracted to more than one. Yet recently it's become really popular to berate pan and poly people and act like they are stupid and annoying.

At the end of the day, it really doesn't matter what your sexuality is unless you are trying to have sex with someone or be in a relationship with them. Yes I understand not being ashamed of who you are, I understand being proud, but to prance around, scream about bisexual erasure (which pretty much doesn't even exist except on tumblr) then try to change the meaning of the word to suit your own stupid needs is really immature and annoying. Accept the fact that if you are using the word BISEXUAL to describe EVERY GENDER you are wrong and YOU are the one trying to be the special snowflake, not everyone else.