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Beliefs are Harmless, Bankrupting Businesses Isn't

Social Justice, LGBTMonica Edwards2 Comments

Recently it was brought to my attention that a lesbian couple in Oregon sued a private bakery because they refused to make them a cake for their wedding. This trend, absolutely, 100% positively, needs to stop. I am a member of the LGBT group. I am far from being straight and the person I intend to marry is biologically female. Though I identify as pansexual, the majority of my relationships have been with women. So you can't even complain that "oh another straight person" is saying this. No. This is absolutely ridiculous behavior, no less than an adult sized tantrum because someone was being mean.

A private business is just that. A private business. They are in no way obligated to custom build you anything they don't want, whether it be a gay wedding cake or otherwise. Honestly this is like going to an artist, trying to commission hardcore porn, and then suing the artist when they refuse to draw what you ask. This is like going to a kosher deli and suing them because they won't serve you pork. In those other two cases people would instantly agree "Okay that's ridiculous why would you force anyone to do those things?" but for some reason when it comes to gay weddings now, we have to make pariahs of ANYONE who wants to decline service. With how much this is happening as of late I swear it's like people are specifically finding bakeries to refuse them service so they can out them as homophobes or bigots. That's not fair.

People are allowed to believe what they want. You got marriage equality, find a baker that is okay with providing you service. I'm sure there are MANY of them. To sue places like this for "emotional damages" because I guess you need THEIR CAKE SO BADLY that being denied sent you into a fit of psychosis is dumb as hell. It's like a five year old screaming and whining because their mother won't get them a candy bar. Further more, these people can't deny you a marriage any more, but they sure as hell are allowed to believe it's wrong. Yeah, I said it. Christians are allowed to believe that gay marriage is a sin. ANYONE is allowed to BELIEVE that. The reason being that beliefs and opinions aren't facts and laws and these people no long can dictate if you get married or not, this doesn't mean that they HAVE to agree with your lifestyle. Stop forcing it on them.

Even worse, you fail to realize this is only going to cause a backlash for your own movement. For OUR own movement. Do you honestly think those people that just got sued for refusing to make this cake walked away from it thinking "OMG WE WERE WRONG GAY PEOPLE ARE AWESOME?" Or do you think now that they hate gay people even more? Most likely because now because of two whiny bitches throwing a fit, they will probably have to shut down their business. They have gotten death threats and hate mail and they are ruined. Are you happy with that? Do you think that makes the LGBT community look awesome? Do you? And why, why in HOLY HELL are you SO insistent that these bigots make your damn cake? Also, why....why did you tell them it was for a gay wedding? What were you thinking? You couldn't have just had them make the cake since you seemed to need it so bad and lied about it? Maybe had it decorated somewhere else or decorated it yourself? No. You are being jackasses and trying to make a statement in order to out people as bigots so you can ruin them. This makes you no better than the people who tried to block gay marriage forever. Anyone who thinks this behavior is okay, and I don't care WHAT their orientation is a fucking asshole.

A private business isn't a corporation nor is it a government funded business. A private business should be allowed to decide who they will and will not serve. Then the market takes care of the rest as does word of mouth. I don't deny that it's shitty of people to be bigots or racists or whatever, but they are allowed to decline service. Then pretty soon they will learn that declining service means less business which means less money which means business failure. Supply and demand is all it takes some people to learn. Either they get with the times or they close up shop. This isn't for idiotic lawsuits and hissy fits to decide. This is for the market to decide. I'm sorry Christians don't agree with the gay lifestyle, but they are allowed to not agree. They are allowed to believe whatever they want without gay people suing the shit out of them. Unless it comes down to them actively causing physical harm to a person, you need to let it go. Stop ruining your own cause by being dick heads.