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Recently I was over at my parents' house for dinner. Though I haven't seen them in years and years I decided to try to reconcile with my family ever since one of my sisters got pregnant and married. I thought maybe it was time to give it another chance. So far it hasn't been too bad, except for one thing. My one sister is surprisingly feminist after years of not being feminist. I always had one sister who was very feminist like, in your face radical feminist. She's gotten better with it the older she's gotten, not nearly as radical but still feminist. Knowing this, I obviously don't discuss what I do on my website with her, knowing it'll just turn into a fight. I'm not looking to fight with people any more, just try to get along as best I can with them so I'm no longer seen as the crazy black sheep of the family. My second sister though, the one I've always gotten along with, she's gone full tumblr feminist in the years I haven't been speaking to her, apparently. This happened...well...I'm not even sure when. Especially since she used to make fun of my other sister with me for her feminist crap years ago. In any case I was having a discussion with my father and my sister wasn't out there for most of it.  

He asked me what I was doing with my time now and I said I did a lot of youtube videos. He asked me what the topic of it was and things like that. I told him he probably wouldn't like it since it's anti-feminism and that tends to be an unpopular opinion these days. Regardless of that fact I did have a lot of subscribers. He started to inquire about why I was anti-feminist and we began talking about things, going back and fourth and debating our view points. I have to admit it's kind of stunning that a man with his education believes wage gap is real, but whatever. He's also like 60 years old so he probably doesn't pay much attention to this stuff. We talked about several subjects, including me asking him if he thought a woman could rape a man. He was hesitant to answer until I asked him specifically about consent. At first he was pretty much like "no women can't rape men" which was shocking but when I pointed out that an erection was a physical response and didn't at all mean consent, he agreed that yes it's possible for a woman to rape a man he just thinks it's "VERY RARE" oh well I got him to agree, so that's a step in the right direction. I explained to him a few things about feminist theory and how it was shaping laws and other general opinions of society. It was around the time that he brought up wage gap (when I asked him how women in the first world were oppressed) that my sister came outside to smoke a cigarette.  

Now, for whatever reason, this irrationally upset her. I was trying to explain to my father why wage gap didn't exist and I said I could show him sources, several sources on the topic. My father was trying to answer me but my sister kept butting in with "LOL YEAH SOURCES" and she kept insisting that they weren't "real" because you can find anyone to agree with you if you look hard enough. Something I have heard internet feminists say A LOT. I was explaining to her that a lot of these were government studies or studies done by CNN, Forbes, CBS, and even other feminists who are intent on debunking this myth. She said she didn't want to hear it and started to call it a "belief". Wouldn't even look at my sources or offer to before instantly shooting them down as if I were wrong. I told her that I do a lot of research on this stuff, it's what my website is about, that I have a bunch of resources there if she took the time to look. It was about this time that my father said HE would look because he admitted that he wasn't informed (or probably wasn't as much as he should be) so he asked if I could send him my sources. I was like yeah I just want you to read them and decide for yourself. Which only pissed my sister off more for some reason. She then made some outrageous claim that there was no way for me to even know about "feminist theory" because she acted like it wasn't something you could even find on the internet. She also claimed that not all feminists were violent or radical it was only a small number of them and that no one took those types of feminists seriously anyway.  

At this point she wanted to talk to my father about something else, and was  being a bitch, so I got on my phone to get my sources to email them to my father because he'd asked for them. I was being quiet and letting them have their conversation when he asked me what I was doing. I said I was finding him sources. I started to ask him if certain things were okay, like if he would trust the opinion of Forbes magazine or CBS news because I didn't later want him to dispute the validity of my sources claiming they werent reliable so I read him some article headlines so he could get an idea of what I was going to send him. It was about this time my sister starts screaming, "OH MY GOD JUST DROP IT! NO ONE CARES! SHUT YOUR FUCKING MOUTH! JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP!" which I guess would have been hilariously ironic if she wasn't being so angry. I immediately thought of Chanty Binx, who I had not five minutes ago explained to my father. I admit, I lost my cool with her as well, mostly because she quite literally got in my face like she was going to punch me and my father had to push her back because she wouldn't get away from me. I walked out of there and left for a small amount of time to cool down. When my mother asked me what was wrong I told her what had happened and when I mentioned to her that my sister was some sort of feminist now she laughed.  She was like "Yeah since when?" and I said "I don't know but she's certainly acting like one and defending them like one".  

This concerns me to quite a high level. As I mentioned, previously, this sister never EVER defended feminists. She thought they were annoying, self righteous assholes. Then she goes back to college, where they basically breed these types of people, and suddenly feminism is the most important thing ever (and I'm 100% sure she's not nearly informed on feminism as I am or even my other sister) but she has to get violent and defend it to the death as if I cursed the name of God in front of her. When did this happen and why? What has she been exposed to either via internet or even school in the time I haven't been talking to her? Why would she get so upset over something that was a trivial and stupid matter to her before? This has got to be one of the most clearest signs of feminist indoctrination I've ever seen. I know that my father was misinformed on the issues but by his own admission he doesn't "keep up" with that stuff so he was at least willing to read what people have to say. My sister wasn't and she kept basically calling me a liar, insisting I was brainwashed, she was right, and "NOBODY CARES" about anti-feminism. I know my sister isn't stupid, so I guess that's what's most frustrating about it. She can be stubborn and a huge pain in the ass but she absolutely isn't stupid. Still, she isn't interested in hearing anything I have to say or even going to do research for herself. 

Not surprisingly, in all of this, once I came back and she was avoiding me the conversation went right back to being civil. Remove the radfem and you get rational people talking rationally about things. Before I left I asked my father if he still wanted the sources that we were talking about. He said to me that he would look them over but he didn't promise me that he'd agree. I said I can't force him to agree with me but I would at least like him to look at the opposition because if he doesn't have all the information (by his own admission) it may benefit him to look into it. I can't deny that if he still doesn't agree I won't be some level of annoyed BUT at least he TRIED to educate himself beyond straight up denying that there may be sources to prove him wrong. Still, what's most puzzling is that my sister seems to be basically brainwashed at this point and there doesn't seem to be turning back. My other sister, the one I already know is a feminist became this way in college. This sister returns to college to get another degree and suddenly she's a feminist as well and very violent about it. Is there something going on in colleges making young girls behave this way? If so, what's doing it, how are they doing it, and doesn't this bother anyone else? Because my sister in no way EVER behaved like this before but it's like someone planted a worm into her brain and it's growing and she doesn't even want to question the fact that she may be wrong.