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It's Not Objectification If Feminists Don't Call It That

Fandoms, Social Justice, Social MediaMonica EdwardsComment

A few days ago on Tumblr I saw this post:

I pointed out to this girl that if this were a woman people wouldn't be too happy about it. Especially since the Hannibal fandom is very well known for crying sexism/rape about literally everything. Like when Beverly Katz was killed off or when Alana had consensual sex with Hannibal. Any time a female dies or whatever in that show it's instantly sexism/rape/misogyny, whatever. I was pointing out the hypocrisy between the two. Double standards and the like. So then of course I was attacked, because tumblr is a collective of morons. This person, decided to jump down my throat:

In just a few sentences they contradict themselves. It's objectification to do this to women but not to men. As apparently women do not choose to be sexy in commercials? I guess they are all just forced into it because of oppression or something. Okay whatever, and then they say no one in the fandom sees Mads as eye candy. Right. But the production company for Hannibal does:

Enough so that they even told everyone they were deleting this tweet in 30 seconds. Had this tweet been about a woman there would have been WAY more of an uproar than there was. Most people didn't give a shit, and the small amount of people who did well, there wasn't enough to make a difference. At least not to the level where someone had to make a public statement telling them to shut up like this actress did after Fuller was spammed with tweets over being sexist and racist for killing off a character. I BARELY saw anyone actually complaining about this tweet, and it only got maybe like 100 notes or so. If that named any one of the actresses from the show, the shit would start flying. Immediately after I pointed this out, the guy/girl whatever responds to me with:

Okay so no one sees him as eye candy but you do see him as eye candy and you won't apologize for it? Does that sound right? Probably not. Of course these people don't even have two brain cells to rub together. Even more interestingly, this person seems to think I was trying to defend Mads? They also think I'm an SJW which makes NO sense because the only thing I've been trying to actually do this whole time was point out double standards. I don't give a fuck if Mads is naked, why would I? But in typical SJW fashion they put words in my mouth, block me, and accuse ME of being an SJW when....they are acting like one?

They also for some reason included like 50 gifs of him being all naked or fucking people as if that proves a point, which it doesn't. They go on to tell me they aren't feminist but OVERLY complain about objectification of women, telling me that women HAVE to be sexy in commercials because IT'S THE ONLY OPTION THEY HAVE which is a VERY feminist view point to hold. So they are doing this the entire time, not realizing how SJW they are being while accusing me of being an SJW but they are acting exactly like an SJW themselves. They make sure I can't respond to them by blocking me and keep complaining that I'm some kind of asshole when they missed the point of the argument entirely. Even when I listed several other commercials that utilize sexy men to sell a product they NEVER addressed that and kept accusing me of being the idiot or something?

Honestly, these people will justify their behavior to the ends of the earth. What is happening to Mads in that show is pretty clear objectification. Do I mind? Not exactly, I mean I think it's sad they have such a talented man on the show and instead of using him for acting they use him for 900 nude shots but why would I give a shit otherwise? I don't actually CARE that much, not about that. What I CARE about is how fucking hypocritical that website and that fandom is. EVERYTHING in that fandom is sexist unless it involves a male, and I was simply pointing that out. Considering how the creator is, with his OMG I AM SO FEMINIST bullshit, it's not surprising almost EVERYONE in that fandom is also OMG I'M SO FEMINIST as well. The problem here is that these people seem to think it's not objectification when it is. I'll be the first to say objectification is harmless, and tumblr especially blows it WAY too out of proportion. However, there is a VERY CLEAR double standard here and I can't even point it out without being called an SJW by people who are acting exactly like SJWs but....don't seem to think they are?