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The Feminist Have Defiled David Bowie

Monica EdwardsComment

Seeing as how feminism has ruined other good things like Hannibal, X-Files, and various other TV shows I'm not sure why I'm at all surprised that it also seeped into the Bowie fandom. I first got a taste of it a few years ago when I ran into a RADFEM on there who got upset with me when I talked about the possibility of Bowie dominating women sexually. When I explained I was anti-feminist she lost her shit and blocked me. Something I'm used to. Cut to three months ago. My boyfriend was on a forum for Bowie and got in an argument with some radfem:

I was asked to come in and participate with him because of the fact that I know more about this stuff than he does and I have more readily available resources to hand out. So of course I did what I was asked because it's what I'm best at. The woman up there, I only know her as SEVEN, immediately blocked me. She wouldn't respond to me, and decided I wasn't worth her time. Which is ridiculous but she's the type of RADFEM that if you don't instantly agree with her, you are stupid or an MRA or something. I left the forum because I'd rather not scream at a brick wall. I prefer to open discussion. On twitter, youtube, anything like that, when a feminist approaches me, even if they ATTACK me, I will talk to them. I at least give them the time of day before deciding it's not worth my time. Sometimes I can talk them through it and we come to an agreement. Sadly, more often than not, it ends up like it did with this woman, whoever she is.

Three months pass, and keep in mind, I only ever made ONE post and then left. I forgot about it like a day later because whatever I do this all the time. Apparently, SEVEN, didn't forget about me. In fact she started to stalk me and all my accounts. Even though my name is very VERY different on that forum than where I normally post, she some how managed to find my twitter, stalk it, gather tweets she used completely out of context, then come back to the forum proudly declaring she IDENTIFIED THE TROLL that "attacked" The Bowie forum or whatever the fuck. Then she also exclaims "DON'T FEED THE TROLLS OMG YOU GUYS" but that's exactly what she's doing by making a post like this:.

So of course I find out about this cause my boyfriend tells me and I responded to her. This is what my basic response was:

You say don't feed the trolls but here's your behavior thus far:

1. Stalk me down and stalk my twitter

2. Make a huge post about how I'm a troll

3. Not bother to read anything I actually have to say

4. Berate me and belittle me as if that will make me agree with feminism more

5. Then tell everyone not to do the same while totally doing it yourself

6. Proceed to question how anyone could be against feminism even though your representation of feminism is atrocious and wouldn't make anyone actually want to agree with you.

Do you know what a troll is sweetie? A troll is not someone with well researched and thought out data. A troll is not someone who has 1600 followers on twitter and 2500 subscribers on youtube. A troll is someone who posts thing specifically to bother others. Now, seeing as how I can back up anything I say with facts, I also know more about feminism than most feminists, and you are exactly the poster child of the type of feminist I hate, do you not understand how completely childish you look yet?

I am really used to feminists doing this to me. Especially this one woman who totally lost her shit when I told her wage gap didn't exist. She stalked me as well, even setting up a website specifically to trash me. So then this SEVEN woman comes back and says, well quite possibly the dumbest shit I've ever seen to be honest:

If you can't read that she compares me to a psychopath and a sadist and then calls me a "Typical MRA" of which I am none. I'm egalitarian. Though I am more likely to support MRAs cause I really have yet to meet one as violent and stupid as all the RADFEMS out there, I am not an MRA myself, I am egalitarian. Something that feminists have a hard time grasping for some reason because:

Though that whole twitter thing is another story for another day, but even as of now I haven't blocked her. All she's done all day is hurl really vicious insults my way and I STILL haven't blocked her but SEVEN couldn't take ONE post of me disagreeing with her and not even in a nasty way. Then she decides to psychoanalyze me, comparing me to a psychopath and a sadist after I made ONE post and she stalked ME down.

In summation: 

This is a HUGE problem with feminism. What we need to actually do is have an open discussion but people like SEVEN want other people to just kowtow to whatever the hell they say and they don't care to listen otherwise. If anyone says NAY they call them a psychopath or accuse them of some kind of "abuse towards women" when anti-feminism has nothing to do with stripping women of their rights nor is it specifically for battered women because they are trying to "attract a man".

The reason why this feminism/anti-feminism thing will NEVER be resolved is that people like SEVEN (who I'm guessing never leaves her house and exists solely to be an ass on the internet, considering her post count on that forum is above 10K) immediately scream at anyone who proves their ideas are wrong. Now, a weaker person would probably give up at that point or even agree with her. People like me realize she's a lost cause as well as the rest of the feminist movement. I guess it saddens me that feminism has taken over EVERY CORNER OF THE DAMN INTERNET and there's not even a cool space I can go to hang out and talk about things I like. Honestly, it's like feminists want to turn the entire WORLD into one giant safe space with trigger warnings and reality cannot and will not EVER be that simple.