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The Fannibal SJWs Are Still Morons

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Not too long ago I found out that Bryan Fuller stole art from an artist and used it without permission which I think is really a scum bag thing to do. Most people would. On top of that, I am of the opinion that him constantly talking about erotic sex to a fandom he knows is mostly filled with minors is equally as bad. Bryan Fuller doesn't have a right to steal artwork because her is famous. He's just like everyone else and when asked if could remove the art he didn't, in fact he keeps posting it, and even made reference to it in one of his episode of Hannibal. That's a real dick move. Of course the Fannibals love to attack anyone who doesn't like Fuller and this idiot was no exception. I would like to respond to their idiocy point by point:

You CAN voice your opinion if you dislike a show or a realisator/producer. You CANNOT attack and have a hate speech toward a human being who has never done anything to you personally.

What I said, and continue to say about Bryan Fuller isn't HATE SPEECH, even if it were well because of where I live it's protected speech and I'm completely allowed to say it. Yes I CAN talk about someone's behavior and I CAN not like him for behaving this way. It's called a fucking opinion. Though this is what happens when you mix SJWs with fandoms they seem to think that hate speech is anything they personally hate hearing. I didn't even say anything close to "hate speech" in that video. I said Fuller was a gross human being for how he was acting, not because of some specific group he belonged to.

You CAN complain and report people harassing you. You CANNOT seriously complain and report people harassing you (in this case a fandom) if you do not stop doing everything in your power to make them do it.

I am not "DOING EVERYTHING IN MY POWER" to make people harass me. I have opinions. That's it. I am also very open and public about my opinions. Having an opinion people don't like doesn't give them a right to harass me or anyone. Disagreeing with someone, yeah I get that, insulting someone on a minor scale, I understand that too. Repeated harassment, death threats, and personal attacks over a number of months IS NOT JUSTIFIED because I have an opinion people don't fucking like. HUGE difference. You might want to learn what the hell that is.

You CAN use provocation as a way of making yourself "known" more. You CANNOT complain about the results when you perfectly know what kind of reaction you are going to create.

No actually I can complain. For one, remember the free speech thing? Yeah see that totally allows me to complain. Anita Sarkeesian makes a living off of saying things she knows will upset people then complaining they attacked her. You might want to look into how FREE SPEECH WORKS you idiot. Further more, the only reason my opinions upset people is because they are unpopular. If they were popular guess what? NO ONE WOULD CARE. It STILL doesn't give people the right to send me DEATH THREATS like holy shit what are you not getting about this?

I won't go into the details of your video(s) because I simply don't want to but the main problem I have with you is your attitude, that you victimise yourself and complain when you are clearly the most hateful person I have come across on the internet in the last 3 months.

Okay for one, why are you watching my videos that you hate so much? For two, when did I ever cry victim over this? For three, you started off by using the word "complain" now you are accusing me of victimizing myself? No see there's a difference. I COMPLAIN that people (much like you) are so fucking stupid they think my videos are mandatory to watch, then they bitch at me cause they don't like my opinions, then they think it's okay to send me DEATH THREATS and dox me over it. There is a HUGE difference between presenting opinions people DON'T LIKE and retaliation in the form of POSTING SOMEONE'S ADDRESS ONLINE AND TELLING PEOPLE TO GO KILL HER. Even after all of that I STILL Don't think I'm a victim and you are putting words in my mouth. If you don't like my videos or opinions, stop fucking listening to me, and if I'm the "most hateful" person on the internet right now you seriously must ONLY watch my videos. How are my OPINIONS making me a HATEFUL PERSON? Grow the fuck up. Seriously.