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I Repeat: Yes All Feminists Are Like That!

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

About a week ago I got a very long and pointless essay on my blog that I don't want to publish on that article because it was REALLY long but I do want to respond to it so I'm writing a response here. Feel free to skip this article as well because the essay that this feminist wrote really only boils down to, "Not all feminists are like that" but since she wrote so much damn stuff I felt the need to reply to as many points as I could to once again prove that these strawman arguments really need to stop. I don't know who she thinks she's trying to convince here, or if she can even change my mind. I'd say with the contents of this site it's pretty clear I'm not going to suddenly become a feminist no matter how many poorly thought out arguments you send me. So here goes.

I am a feminist - although there are some parts of the movement I don't agree with (radfems come to mind) and wish I didn't have to be connected to, just because I advocate equality for women - and I don't think you hate yourself. I do, however, think you're setting up a feminism strawman to knock down because you really DON'T understand feminism. (Or, as is more likely, strawmen are a lot easier to satisfactorily destroy than legitimate feminist arguments, so you over-exaggerate for convenience.)

So here she is trying to tell me that I don't understand feminism. Yes. I do. I understand it far better than most feminists. Secondly, I love how she says MY arguments are strawman arguments. You know the ones that I have sources for. The ones I do research on. The ones that I can back up with proof? Yeah, well I don't think she even knows what a strawman is. She also is not aware that the statement "I hate myself cause I'm not a feminist" is sarcastic. I say that a lot because the mere concept of it is laughable and a lot of feminists insist that only self hating women are anti-feminist. I understand feminism just fine. Check out my resources page if you want a better understanding of it yourself. My poorly maintained resources page that I badly need to update. Also she starts off right away by trying to tell me "Not all feminists are like that" as you can see here and that's the main point of her entire essay.

I know some people present themselves as feminists by hating men, or by insisting only people with vaginas are women, or a bunch of other bullshit that has nothing to do with equality. Those people aren't feminists, not as feminism is defined or should be, and I'm ashamed to be stuck under their roof simply because there's no better term. But there are plenty of true feminists under this umbrella, too, and we're not lunatics or unreasonable assholes. (Even if it would be easier for your arguments if we were.)

Blah Blah Blah more word vomit to basically tell me NOT ALL FEMINISTS, however, check out what I put in the bold lettering. There isn't a better label. Yeah there is. Actually there are a few. The first one that comes to my mind is EGALITARIAN which is what I am and it's at the top of my website so clearly she didn't even see that one. You can also choose HUMANITARIAN if you want. Hell you could JUST NOT CALL yourself a feminist. Feminism isn't even ABOUT equality anyway. It's about WOMEN'S RIGHTS.

How do people keep missing this? They love to send out the definition of feminism but they don't even see that it doesn't say equality for all. The definition that says equality for all people is EGALITARIAN so no, honey, you are wrong. There are better terms for this equality movement and if you don't like any of them (Or what was done to feminism) don't call yourself anything. Not that hard. Also she insists that they aren't all "Lunatics" which is not something I ever said. I have mentioned DOZENS of times I know not ALL feminists are nutjobs but ALL feminists are feminists which means they align with the rest of the feminists. When the majority of a movement has become corrupt and you refuse to drop that label you are part of the problem, as I explain here.

The burden of an unwanted pregnancy is already 99% on the person with a uterus in our society today, while the crusade to end abortions is largely being led by cisgendered white men in politics.

She's totally not a man hating radfem but she's really quick to throw out the whole CISHETWHITEMALE label, that really makes me believe her argument even more. Also there may be a CRUSADE to end abortions but guess what, they haven't ended, they never will and it's so extremely unlikely Roe Vs Wade will ever be overturned. Just like NOTHING has happened to the equal pay act even if feminists seem to think something has. This is a strawman argument. Also there are PLENTY of women....PLENTY of them who are pro-life, I think I've actually met more women that are pro-life than men but this is just an educated guess on my end I don't really have sources on it.

Here she says that there are plenty of reasons to reject feminism and lists them, but at the start of her rant or argument or whatever she is insistent that feminism isn't even bad after saying there is no other label for any equality movement which was easily disproved by looking at the banner to my website. She claims that feminism won't change unless feminists change it. Okay great well GO FUCKING CHANGE IT. Why are you even telling ME this? I am not a feminist, I am not going to help you, I am not interested in joining your pointless fucking cause to change it. Feminism has stopped being useful. There is no point. AT ALL. Why in the world would you think you need to tell ME any of this? Or any other anti-feminist? We have made our choice we are jumping ship. I can do absolutely NOTHING to help you because I do not care about feminism. Also notice how the feminists ACTIVELY trying to do things aren't constantly on social media shouting NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE LIKE THAT because they are ACTUALLY doing things. Then of course you have really famous feminists with huge followings like Andrea Dworkin who are REALLY popular. If she didn't have a large amount of backers she wouldn't be as well known as she is. Stop acting like these "bad feminists" are a SMALL part of your movement, they absolutely are not. The minority of your movement are the GOOD ones and that's the sad fact of it all.

I acknowledge that feminism has its problems that could easily turn people off. But it's not necessary, or even intelligent, to tear down an entire group just because some members of it are unreasonable morons.

Once again even more word vomit that really could have just been summed up with the phrase "not all feminists are like that".

I don't really see why you would oppose the IDEALS of feminism, though. (Disagreeing over how some people interpret them, or how they put them into practice, is another matter...but that would be less anti-feminist so much as anti-individual-feminists-who-are-fucking-it-up-for-everybody.)

You don't see WHY I'd oppose feminism? Did you read more than one article? Watch more than one video? Even try to do research beyond what your feminist blinders allow you to see? There are plenty of examples. Like feminists violently attacking peaceful protests, feminists preventing people from entering a talk on male suicide, feminists disrupting a forum for battered men....the list goes on and on and on. Obviously these are reasons I would oppose feminism! The propaganda that 1 in 4 women are raped in college. The idea that wage gap still exists and is constantly talked about by feminists. Manspreading. ALL OF THAT SHIT. Do you still not understand WHY I would oppose feminism? Seriously do you even know how to read?

Anyway, I don't know if you'll bother to read or care about any of this, but if the genuine problems with feminism bother you, it'd be more productive for you to specifically attack those people doing it wrong, rather than the entire movement. Because there are good parts to it, and dismissing those is throwing the baby out with the bathwater.

First of all, honey, I AM ADDRESSING all of the feminists who are like this. That's what this WEBSITE IS, it's addressing THOSE PEOPLE. That part of your movement that for some reason you think is really really fucking small. That's what this is. That's who I address. That's what I'm talking about. How do you not understand this? Really? You don't get this concept? If my articles do not apply to you which clearly you at least think they don't because you are "one of the good ones" why say jack shit to me? Because I am addressing the bad ones. I am addressing the shit part of the movement. I have never attacked the "GOOD" feminists but this also doesn't stop me from believing the entire movement is poison and needs to stop. What don't you get about this?

When feminists are sending anti-feminists death threats and treating them like shit, doxxing people and also getting them fired from their jobs for having an opinion THAT'S WHEN FEMINISM HAS BECOME POINTLESS. I don't care if there are still "Good" Feminists because MOST OF THEM ARE NOT. You wrote me, personally, pages and pages of bullshit that all boil down to "not all feminists" instead of addressing the bad parts of the movement yourself. You CLAIM that FEMINISTS NEED TO FIX FEMINISM and you do this by lecturing me, someone who wants NO part of feminism and this is yet ANOTHER REASON why I am anti-feminist and I will NEVER agree with you. I've done more work on this website addressing the bad parts of feminism than you have done trying to convince already anti-feminist people to rejoin the movement. Stop being a damn hypocrite and fix what you claim needs fixing or just give up already.