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Women Hating Women: An Ignored Feminist Issue

Anti-Feminism, HarassmentMonica EdwardsComment

I have this favorite actress ever in the entire world, Krista Allen. I deeply admire her for many many reasons which I really don't want to get into here but if you want to know why I'll gladly talk about her for hours. Just ask. The reason I bring this up is I noticed something (And it pertains to my topic of choice here). Women hating on women. Now feminists will have you believe that literally the biggest problem ever is online harassment of females by men. Or you know just in general. However, any time I go to some youtube video of Krista Allen I always manage to see some derogatory comment about her, posted by another woman. Like this one that I just saw:

Who is that BITCH in the blue towel? Is she that SLUTTY teacher from Smallville. Great because Krista Allen is totally a BITCH and also she's a SLUT because of fictional characters that she plays. Don't even bother to learn her name, look at IMDB, or even try to figure out anything about her just jump right to demeaning terms to call her. Seems rational. This is not even the worst I've seen from women. Usually they are commenting on her tits, or saying that she should have stayed in porn because she's worthless. Things like that. Now I don't pay attention to many other actresses because well I really don't care to that much but I really like Krista Allen. The thing is, I've really never seen ANY comments like this from men. Usually the comments are well nice (if you consider wanting to bang her "nice") but still not derogatory or calling her a whore or something.

I am lucky enough to have been able to talk to Krista. She's an amazing woman. She is so friendly, sweet, funny, and intelligent. I've followed her career for a while and I'm really excited for the new show she's going to be in, Significant Mother. I watch her in EVERYTHING she does even if I really can't stand a lot of it or it's something I'd never actually watch is she wasn't in it. This series that she's going to be in only seems to be popular because of one of the actors in it that teenage girls find hot. I mention this because the only logical reason I can find for this behavior towards Krista is that she's threatening to them. They are JEALOUS. Krista is a very beautiful woman so of course since this guy is in the show who is also apparently a teenage heart throb (and to be fair I don't know which male actor it is nor do I care to) they feel threatened by her so they have to call her names. Same thing with her being in Smallville, she was the "Slutty teacher" when well I've seen that episode just cause of her and I wouldn't have said SLUTTY. People like this girl haven't seen her in things like FEAST or Locker 13, GOOD movies where she's giving more of a dramatic performance than a comedic one but they also don't care.

That brings me to the point of ALL of this. Women hate on women. I mean A SHIT TON more than men do. During my lifetime, I have honestly gotten more hateful comments from women than men. On youtube it's usually women, on tumblr/twitter usually women. I did a video on it here explaining that feminists love to tell me I am a man, or a trans woman, or look like a man, or am ugly whatever the hell because they don't like that I'm anti feminist. Here you can see a small sample of feminists attacking me on tumblr when I said feminism was useless:

There is no shortage of feminists doing this to other women, ESPECIALLY to other women and ESPECIALLY when they disagree with feminism. I can't say I really know Krista's stance on feminism and I've never asked BUT she is smart not to say it publicly because if she does happen to disagree they will murder her via internet. In any case, this is a vastly ignored issue by feminists but they do it ALL the time.

I am no stranger to this type of attack myself, all through school it was the other girls on the internet, 9 times out of 10 it's a woman commenting on my appearance. This is something that pretty much gets ignored because "OMG WOMEN WOULD NEVER" and yet they do, all the time, plain as day. This is something feminists also repeatedly fail to address even though studies have shown they are the type MORE likely to engage in this behavior. You have people like Anita Sarkeesian and Brianna Wu pimping out the idea CONSTANTLY that the MAIN source of online harassment is men when it's really the women. I doubt there's even many studies being done about women because all the focus for some reason goes directly to men.

The types of verbal aggression and attacks that females put other females through is brutal. Their bullying and petty vindictive tendencies can span decades. All through school for me personally it was always ONE girl. For 8 years of school CONSTANTLY bullying me. Spreading rumors, insults to my face, getting others to tease me. The others teasing me? Also girls. I honestly can only remember ONE guy I had an actual issue with and oddly enough in my mid 20's on facebook he found me and wrote an apology to me out of the blue. He said, "Gosh I was so mean to you in school I was such a stupid kid back then" none of the girls who bullied me ever did that. In fact, that one girl I mentioned who was my long term bully had the nerve to tease me again on facebook when I first set mine up.

I wonder why this issue isn't widely addressed. Why feminists would rather attack and demonize the small margin of men who actually do cyberbully. Is it because they want people to turn a blind eye to what they are doing? Or is it because they think what they are doing isn't wrong? That it's some how justified cause of patriarchy or some other bullshit reason? All I know is, this frustrating double standard and scapegoating of men on this issue when WOMEN are actually far more of the aggressors when it comes to this type of thing really needs to end.