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Alright so I have a website, kind of, for the Hannibal fandom. What I mean is that I have a domain name and have had it since season 1 and a few of my friends begged me not to get rid of it because they would run it for season 3. Back when we all thought Hannibal/Bedelia would actually be in a relationship since the URL for that domain was the same as the ship name ( however something went wrong. One of the mods on there (as there are 4 or well 5 if you include me even though I barely do anything on that website) asked Neil Gaimen a question. You see there was a quote the fannibals were passing around completely out of context that she asked him about.

Now this is completely out of context to the actual interview which I'm not surprised as the idiot fannibals do this quite a bit. Last year Fuller said something about having Bowie in season three, potentially. A popular blog told EVERYONE that Bowie was CONFIRMED for season three taking Fuller's quote out of context. They do this with a TON of things and never provide context or sources. It's annoying. Anyway so one of the mods asked him about this and like the rest of the mods that run she is of the opinion that Fuller ruined Hannibal because well he basically did. So to be fair her comment to him was kind of rude but his response was even worse.

He didn't actually answer the question and was basically just a smart ass. Considering he has a cult of teenage girls and they are all on tumblr, what do you think happened? My friend was slammed with over 100 anon hate messages in less than an hour, quite a few of them telling her to kill herself. She deleted her blog. Unfortunately because she was the one who had Bedannibal in the name, people also started attacking which has four other mods running it who have nothing to do with her. Awesome. At this point I had to shut down my website and tell my moderators that no we can't run it any more because they just won't leave us alone. Further more they keep putting a bunch of hate in our tags, directing people to us, all because "OMG NEIL GAIMEN HATES BEDANNIBAL SO WE'LL HATE THEM TOO" all that bullshit. Fun.

So I got on a deactivated account I have to confront him. Other than being utterly unapologetic about what he did and pretending he has NO idea what anon hate is (which he has to be lying about since he has anonymous disabled himself) he continued to call this mod a liar and hasn't once apologized about this because "It can't possibly be THAT bad". Then he claimed if I sent him specific names he would "Go after the people in person" and seems painfully unaware that no one is going to do that off of anon. Further more, she deleted her blog so why exactly would she have saved anything they sent her?

To be honest I had no clue who this guy was before this moment, and at this point I don't care to. In all of his responses to me privately he's been really pigheaded and rude, hasn't once used the word "sorry" and has continued to imply that this moderator is a liar. The moderator is not coming back, fine. However I did have that other site up and running with 3 more moderators who are not happy with the fact that he's very stubborn and will not issue a statement to stop harassing that website, or any other sort of statement, nor does he seem intent on removing the original ask which is now up to 3000 something notes. is run and maintained by other moderators she was only ONE of them. I OWN that website and I worked hard to put it together and I was begged to keep it running and my friends took it over. Neil Gaimen seems to think he's TOTALLY AWESOME and not at all wrong about this. He won't listen to me, he could give a shit that his followers attacked my website or my friend, and even the insults in the notes of that stupid post don't prove anything according to him because apparently my mod just "got what was coming to her".

You know, if I ever reached his status as an author (cause I guess that's what he's famous for I don't know) I'd have the fucking common sense NOT to put someone on blast like that. He didn't even know what she was referring to. Instead of answering like "I don't know where you got that idea, sorry" or even answering privately (because he had the option) he decided to get her trashed and the stupid fannibals as well as his dumb fans have now jumped on her and my website. That's AWESOME. So what do we do from here? I don't know. I was at least intent on having that site run until the end of the show. Other than the Bedannibal content there is also content for Hannibal Lecter, Bedelia Du Maurier, Gillian Anderson, and Mads Mikkelsen. It wasn't an immensely popular site (as it isn't a popular ship) but it was something that had a small community and we all had fun there. People liked to go there to get information, fan fiction, art, all of that. All Gaimen really needs to do is remove the fucking question or at least say "Oops can you guys PLEASE stop attacking her". Even if he didn't do that a fucking apology would be nice. Instead he parades around like there was no way he was possibly wrong about this even though he was sent sources about the quote and what Fuller said.

At this point, I am just utterly fed up with this bullshit. The fannibals ruin everything. I own that website even if I don't run/maintain it and it's REALLY REALLY annoying to have to tell my mods "Guess what Neil Gaimen is a shit head so now we have to close our website that has nothing to DO with him because he won't apologize." And since he's famous well I get to sit back and watch ANOTHER thing get destroyed by tumblr fucking morons. Honestly...I'm glad that show was cancelled, I doubt Gaimen's show is far off from it since Fuller has never had a show run past season 3. So really he's defending a failure of a man and he's acting like a total failure himself. Thanks Gaimen, I never knew you before this moment and I hope to never know you again.