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Bryan Fuller Cons Audiences and Caters To Feminists

Fandoms, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Bryan Fuller has pulled the wool over everyone’s eyes by using a technique known as BAIT AND SWITCH. He has lured people into this show by using the bait (Classic character Hannibal Lecter) and then deciding to go against all canon and make it his own show.

With two failed shows already under his belt, shows that never made it past a season 3, Fuller knew the only way to get an audience was to trick them. Hannibal Lecter is a character that has been “classic” since the 80′s. The books were best selling and the movies were top grossing. Fuller was aware that if he used this character to draw in an audience he’d get one.

Now he seems to think that he has a right to change canon/characters/stories because he has his audience but this is a SHITTY TACTIC that a GOOD writer would NEVER utilize. This is basically what 50 Shades Of Grey did with Twilight. It took an existing POPULAR STORY and completely ripped it off to become popular itself. It’s nothing more than a scam.

In season 1, Fuller knew that in order to please the original fans of Hannibal Lecter he had to stay somewhat true to canon which he did. People who had no concept of the books were pleased and kept watching. People who were originally fans of the books were pleased and kept watching. He got his audience by baiting them. Had he attempted to write this show with original characters and the same concept people would have accused him of being a rip off. He knew what he was doing.

In season 2 he decided that he owned the characters and could do whatever he wanted. He made Hannibal and Will gay as fuck for each other which is a direct violation of canon. He took characters wildly out of the bounds of their original reality and completely invented characters for the inane storyline that is going to be season 3. This caused a marked rating drop in season 2. Season 2 of Hannibal had some of the lowest rated episodes ever. The premiere of season two was also lower rated than the season 1 premiere. This is because he’s isolating his audience.

As of now his biggest fans are the SJW/Feminist idiot teenagers who are impossible to please because everything is problematic/sexist/racist/whatever. Including this woman who was triggered by Bedelia serving Hannibal food. For some reason instead of choosing to cater to the fans who would be loyal to him (the long standing fandom of ADULTS who don’t think everything is problematic) he decided that he’s going to go completely rogue, kill off any sort of canon, and make his own show. What’s he’s done is disrespect not only the original fans but the author as well.

Fuller knows he’s a hack, plain and simple. He knew NO one would watch a new series of his if he didn’t bait people into it. As such what we are left with is a gay male feminist (one of the most worthless types of feminists as they in no way benefit from feminism) who is trying to create a show to cater to feminists who are the most fickle and irritating group of assholes on the planet. In the mean time he’s isolating the GOOD fanbase of people he COULD Have had by making EVERY CHARACTER OUT OF CHARACTER. Of course to point this out or question this will get you shit on by 99% of the fandom but it’s the truth and it’s why his show is going to fail come season 3. He’s isolated more people than he’s going to keep. He’s a fucking Mary-Sue hack writer and anyone who supports this behavior has no respect for the integrity of the original author who is by all accounts a genius compared to this crapping monkey throwing shit at a wall to see what sticks.