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Marketing Has Nothing To Do With Sexism

Anti-Feminism, Anita SarkeesianMonica EdwardsComment

This is one concept feminists can't seem to grasp. Marketing to a certain group or demographic of people isn't sexist. If you make a product specifically for men you are going to market it to the people who are most likely to buy it, ergo, you will make it look as appealing to that gender as possible. This isn't to say women won't like it, can't buy it, or shouldn't use it, but if market research already shows that women aren't interested in that specific product, why would a company try to make it look appealing to women? They aren't going to buy it anyway, or at least they will buy it at a far smaller rate than men, so what's the point? If you are running a business then you want to make money. These companies don't care about genitals they care about making a profit. It's really as simple as this:

Say you are a company and you make a product and gear it towards women. All your ad campaigns and slogans and even the product itself is marketed and intended for women. Now, for whatever reason, women aren't responding to this product very much. Yet, men are. Men come to buy this product and it sells like hotcakes. Maybe a few women appear interested but it's mostly men that buy this product. After conducting market research on your key demographic, you find out that these men like the product but they think it could be improved if you added/changed some things. Now lets say in your sales you can see that 85% of your sales were to men and the rest were to women. The small margin of women who like your product don't want it changed because they like it, however the vast majority of men (which is your big profit margin) do want it changed. As a business owner trying to make money, what do you do here? Well obviously you change the product. Women didn't like it that much anyway and keeping the product the same just to cater to this small percentage might keep making you some money, but deciding to change the product to cater more to men you will make more money. You might isolate more of your women customers, but that doesn't matter, because your male customers are already going to buy the new product and you may even attract more by gearing it more towards men instead. This isn't sexism. This isn't misogyny. This is business, plain and simple. You better damn well believe if a product intended for men, attracted WAY more women, the exact opposite would happen and the company would change and adapt for a female market. THERE IS NOTHING SEXIST ABOUT THIS!

Then we have the feminists always complaining about specific things, for example, sexy Halloween costumes. They say that they are sexist and only exist to objectify women. Besides the fact that the exact opposite exists (as in there are plenty of these sexy costumes for men to wear that objectify them) there are women who want to wear them. In fact, there must be so many women that want to wear them because there are so many types and sizes. There is a market specifically for plus sized Halloween costumes that are also sexy. If women weren't buying these things they wouldn't exist, and if it wasn't a big business, there wouldn't be so many options to choose from. Feminists, of course, love to live in a blind spot where women couldn't possibly like dressing sexy on Halloween or sexy at all for that matter. Yet Victoria's Secret is a HUGE business and has been for decades. There are many lingerie stores and panty places that ONLY sell stuff for women that are multimillion if not billion dollar industries. If these sexy panties or outfits or whatever weren't being sold, and at a high amount, to women who wanted them, they wouldn't exist. There is clearly a big demand for these products coming from females and so companies (who are in the business of making money, remember?) they keep making these things. They keep doing market research, asking women what they want, and making those products.

To claim that any part of this is sexism, is stupid. If you don't believe me, look at the movie industry. Ever wonder why there are so many sequels to shitty movies? It's because they make money. Not because studios think they are good, not because they actually are good, but because PEOPLE keep going to see them. People as a whole. They aren't even really looking at gender at this point. Maybe they check into it, but the most important thing to Hollywood studio execs is "HOW MUCH DID IT MAKE OPENING WEEKEND". I don't doubt they check the demographics after that, as in look at age/race/gender but what they really care about first and foremost is HOW MUCH MONEY IT MAKES or how much money it STANDS to make. You better believe if there was a movie with nothing but a static shot of potatoes that ran for 3 hours that made millions of dollars, there would be 8 shitty sequels to that until it stopped making money. They don't even care that the movie isn't good they just want your dollar.

So, what feminists need to do is realize that businesses and marketing have very little to do with sexism. There isn't some great fucking conspiracy to market video games to men as like it or not men are their key demo. This isn't to say women don't buy them as well or enjoy them, but overwhelmingly men are the ones buying the product. Not listening to Anita or other feminists isn't sexism it's good business. If these people changed their product for women, who don't even buy their product anyway, how would they make money? They wouldn't! If these women actually started buying/playing games (and to a high level) maybe companies would listen to them. What it boils down to is feminists just want to bitch, complain, and in Anita's case, PROFIT, off of something that they don't really care about anyway. They just want to be in control and throw a hissy fit. Businesses are around to make money. That's it. They really could give a shit what your gender is.