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Gender Norms Are A Feminist Invention

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Gender norms are really only most complained about by feminists. In fact I'll go as far as to say feminists are the only ones complaining about them. Things like "why can this NERF gun be pink" and "Why does Barbie have to be so sexy?" shit like that. I don't hear any one else complaining about these things, about why girls are FORCED to play with dolls and boys are FORCED to play with action figures. It's ALWAYS the feminists who have these ideas that these gender norms still exist and the great patriarchy is upholding them. Anyone I know who isn't some sort of feminist doesn't hold these ideas they just don't care. I've had friends who have bought dolls for their sons and toy trucks for their daughters because that's what the kid asked for. Feminists are obsessed with keeping this idea going, not the rest of the world. In the case a feminist manages to get her daughter into playing with toys marketed towards boys she rubs it in everyone's face like "TAKE THAT SOCIETY" when no one but other feminists care or even see these things. This is what I have to say about that.

I was on twitter and some girl saw a tweet that I made about feminists being nasty, vile creatures because of a mean comment someone left on one of my videos. The video is about the hashtag #KillAllMen. She was saying she doesn't want to kill all men but she wished her gender didn't get her treated badly because well she's a chick. So then she sent me several tweets which I have legit answers for and I want to share them (since twitter has a character limit):

Who is expecting this of you? Where? Why? When? Who in the world is asking women to be super nice or not be a bitch and there is no middle ground? Oh you mean like the feminists who constantly complain that it's sexism if someone points out they are being "emotional"? Because otherwise I've never heard this argument from anyone. This is feminists inventing something that doesn't exist. I've never met anyone, man or woman who had some preconceived idea that I should be SUPER NICE or a SUPER BITCH the moment they met me just because I was a girl so please tell me WHO is behaving this way in your life? Cause I don't even think this is a thing that happens to literally ANYONE.

Since when did men hate women who knew about cars? In fact the guys I know who know about cars LOVE to teach me about cars. I've known SO many guys who were more than happy to educate me on how cars work. I know more about cars (and am more interested in them than a lot of my male friends) and they could give a shit? I mean if you really ARE interested in this stuff and really DO know what you are doing guys don't care that you are a woman? See the problem comes in with the poser girls. The girls who want to scream "I'M NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS LOOK AT ME I LIKE CARS AND VIDEO GAMES AND STRIP CLUBS OMG I'M SO NOT LIKE OTHER GIRLS" but they are only doing it for attention.

Further more, say you do work on cars and your "Male peers" look down on you. Okay? So what? Why does it matter? How about ignoring it? How about getting a pair of balls? How about realizing that basically no matter what you like doing someone is ALWAYS going to have a problem with it. If being teased/looked down upon for something like this makes you STOP doing it, you really didn't like it that much to begin with you just wanted to pretend like you did to get attention. If you REALLY like working on cars you are going to do it even if people are dicks to you. Trust me I know because I've never let anyone being an asshole stop me from doing something I liked. It's not even THAT hard to ignore. What the hell?

Considering how many women there are in politics I don't think this is stopping women to get into politics.

At least in the US. Now okay yes do women politicians get shit on? Yes but so do male politicians. You act like the only people to EVER get shit on in politics are women. Not even close to true. Do you see how much hate Obama gets? Did you see how much hate Bush got? Clinton? McCain? Gore? Any of them? Seriously EVERYONE gets shit on in politics. Even still there are TONS of women doing it. It comes down to being strong and standing up for yourself not bitching and whining cause "OMG PEOPLE ARE TOTES MEAN TO WOMEN WHO LIKE POLITICS". I mean all I fucking do on my website/youtube channel is discuss political shit and plenty of men are fine with it, and even agree with me. Most of my subscribers are men. You know who hates the you guessed it....FEMINISTS. Seriously what world do you live in where any of this is happening?

The people who complain or bring up the gender norm thing the most (if not all the time) are feminists. I have yet to see a REAL example of any of this. If they mean just teasing because some RANDOM guy is an asshole well that's ONE guy. Seriously grow some thicker skin. One or two men do not equal ALL men. You know that right? So I'm sorry that for some reason you have this REALLY WEIRD idea that gender norms exist but the people continuing this idea and perpetuating it THE MOST are feminists. Grow up. Do what you like and fuck what anyone says about it. Feminism isn't going to save you, especially since they are intent on ALWAYS portraying women as weak, pathetic, innocent victims.