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It's Only Harassment When YOU do it to ME

Anti-Feminism, FandomsMonica EdwardsComment

I am always saying that fandoms and feminism don't mix and here's a good example of WHY. This girl decided she was going to attack me because I had opinions on Hannibal. Not only that, but she attacked me cause I was anti-feminist. She tweeted me over and over, insulting me and engaging me. One of her first tweets was this:

So everyone advised her not to harass me and she decides she's going to anyway because apparently I attacked her followers? Followers that are also blocked for harassing me. Followers that have hate blogs for me? So she recognizes that other people are harassing me and it's best not to engage me, so she decides to attack anyway. Then she's totally surprised when I defend myself:

Of course she has to mock me and misrepresent what I said. When she initially attacked she said I was being abusive. That I made a HATE blog for the show and attacked people. What actually happened was I had a blog with opinions and people attacked me and I defended myself. Of course SJWs and feminists don't see it that way. They can attack you but the moment you defend yourself, you are harassing them. Even more funny she claims that I'm sad or something because I hate something I'm not FORCED to pay attention to. She's not FORCED to pay attention to me but that's all she did for like an hour:

So when I have opinions about a TV show that she doesn't like, it's sad an exhausting but when she spends an hour tweeting shit to me (even after I block her and she mocks me for it)

I'm still the sad and pathetic one? So let me get this straight, she's now admitted twice that she knows she's harassing me, when I block her she straight up tells me "Oh you can dish it out but you can't take it" which only is more admission to her own harassment, but still can't stop complaining that I'm harassing her, even though she was blocked and I stopped talking to her? Also I love how these people keep saying I'm the one playing the victim:

I've never once claimed to be a victim. I've stated facts. The facts being that I have opinions on a TV show and people send me AWFUL HATE because of this. Then when I defend myself people like her come out and yell at me for defending myself and call it harassment. If anyone ever wants to tell me fandoms and feminism don't mix, well here's the proof. She is clearly a feminist (as she mocked me for being anti-feminist) and then she has some weird ass bio up about how she's some sort of "Grey/ace/Pan/Otherkin" whatever the fuck. She also seems to think me misgendering her is some sort of terrible crime when I was just going by her profile pic which is of one of the worst characters in the show BTW. She's the second most damsel in distress character on the show, portrayed by the second worst actress on the show. Feminists cling to this character because she's pathetic and awful which of course in the eyes of a feminist makes a woman strong. Also she's a lesbian so by this point she's been elevated to martyr status by the fandom. Honestly, I never made claims I was NICE to people, I never said that I was a VICTIM, I also haven't done much more than defend myself to get treated like this. Yet they can't shut up about me and trying to portray themselves as victims when the MOST vicious people in the fandom are them. This is why fandoms are now poison. The SJWs and the feminists have infiltrated them. That's the long and short of it.