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How Do You Prevent Bad Things, When NO ONE Believes you?

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That might be a bit of an exaggeration because plenty of people believe me and even back up my statements but the people who need to believe me the most, don't. Here's a small timeline of events to catch you up:

Jan 2014: I met a girl named Sam through my original Anti-Feminist blog on Tumblr. Sam noticed that I was getting attacked by the Hannibal fandom and came forward to apologize on their behalf. We struck up a friendship from there.

Feb 2014: I make contact with the owner of (TC for short as I don't know her real name) her and I start talking about Freddie Lounds in Hannibal as she roleplays Freddie and Freddie is my favorite character. Later that month Sam and I exchange phone numbers and start to text each other all the time. Sam's artwork is impressive and I noticed TC features artists on her site. I ask Sam if she might want to be featured on that site. Sam agrees and I link TC to Sam's work.

March 2014: Sam does some art that gets featured on and is made a member of TC's staff. TC is still talking to me but she doesn't trust me because she thinks I'm a monster. Has since season 1 of the show even though I didn't ever talk to her until season 2. She had no actual reason to ever think this. Makes me honorary member of her staff but not REALLY her staff. Starts claiming she is actually Freddie Lounds.

July 2014: TC helps ends a long standing feud between me and another girl and takes all the credit for herself when she basically didn't do anything.  TC brags about how great she is to everyone. I am pulled into skype group chats with TC, her boyfriend, Lisa, Sam, and Rosy (As well as a few other artists that have since quit "Working" For her a she doesn't pay her staff just uses them) Sam does more art for TC's website and some of it gets sent to producers.

Mid July 2014: TC starts telling everyone that I am out to get her and triggering her seizures on purpose with my voice? After many many nights of skype voice chat with her (Hours upon hours) I get to know her well and also figure out she's insane and legit believes she is Freddie Lounds (her boyfriend legit believes he is Hannibal Lecter). After a fight (More like TC accusing me of causing seizures which I don't even know if that's true or not) Sam texts me and tells me to stop talking to TC. I ask why. She won't say. Just that I should stop. Sam is my friend and I don't like TC now anyway so I agree.

Late July 2014: Sam confesses to me that TC was on the phone with her one night BEGGING her not to be my friend. Sobbing, screaming, crying. She wouldn't give a reason why but she begged Sam not to be my friend. Sam said that she was friends with me first, wasn't going to stop. Sam starts to agree TC is nuts and also starts complaining about being on her "staff"

August 2014: Sam, me, and another one of her friends (not related to TC) go to a convention where Mads Mikkelsen is. Sam was specifically told to get a picture of Mads holding the business card. Mads declines. Sam reports back to TC to tell her this. TC proceeds to scream at her for a half hour about "Not doing her job" the one she isn't getting paid for. Sam is sent back into the room 5 more times by TC to harass Mads and eventually gets the picture.

September 2014: Sam tells me she's had enough of TC she doesn't want to work for her, she wants nothing to do with her, she's cutting her off. Sam agrees TC is really mentally ill and is most likely schizophrenic. Sam tells me Lisa is going to visit TC and she's worried about Lisa because TC preys on Lisa and has been known to sexually coerce her into things she doesn't want to do. I tell her to tell Lisa not to go because Lisa will be in a bad situation with no way out. Sam says it's fine because if it gets TOO bad she can always drive to Chicago and get Lisa. I think it's stupid but whatever I can't stop these people from being idiots.

October 2014: TC sends a bunch of art to the producers of Hannibal and doesn't credit ANY of the artists. Sam gets pissed. Sam starts providing me with chat transcripts and screenshots and tells me to "rip TC apart" because she hates her. I jump at the chance because I know this woman is nuts. I get called a liar and Sam is never revealed to be my accomplice because I was dumb enough not to mention her because she "wanted to stay out of it" and was my friend. So I respected her. Nothing comes of it.

Late October 2014: I beg Sam to let me send TC a letter telling her what I think of her. Sam WANTS this to happen as well because she thinks it will force TC into a bad enough breakdown that she'll have to get help (Like medical help as the woman isn't in therapy or on medications just really nuts) Lisa is visiting TC at the time this letter is sent. TC has a massive breakdown (Reports Lisa via chat transcripts I was sent) locked herself in the bathroom for three hours and cried, then pretended that it didn't effect her and said I was just "Jealous". Right.

Early November 2014: Sam starts to send me chatlogs and text messages from Lisa explaining the situation at TC's house. As reported by Sam and Lisa, TC is sexually aggressive, refuses to call Lisa by her real name (Refers to her as a character from the show) won't leave the house unless Lisa takes her anywhere, and forces her to do art 24/7 while sexually harassing her. Lisa confesses she doesn't even like TC but is doing this because TC has promised she can get Lisa a job with NBC. TC doesn't even like Lisa but believes she can use Lisa's fame to get her own fame with NBC. Doing what, I don't know, cause she isn't good at anything, she barely even runs her own website her "staff" does it for her. Lisa gets home after being with TC for a month, locks herself in her room. Won't disclose to Sam everything that happened, reports that Lisa's mother wants to call the police for whatever TC did. TC also is led to think Lisa is going to move in with her but Lisa starts claiming she never wants to be anywhere near that woman again because she's psycho. Sam agrees, TC is psycho and dangerous.

Early January 2015: Sam and I have a huge fight because she doesn't like that I am criticizing the show. Sam CLAIMS she isn't in contact with TC any longer. (Not sure if this is true). Sam yells at me and whatever then cuts me off for a few days. Comes back, says we can "work it out". Starts lying to me from that point on. I catch her in several lies and since she was my friend I talk myself out of believing she's lying. One final blow out because apparently Bryan Fuller is GOD and I'm an asshole and Sam cuts me off for good.

Present Day: Sam is back working for TC, Lisa is living with TC and is now saying she's a lesbian despite being asexual before and also claiming she never wanted to see that "psycho" again.

Some how, within the span of a few months, whoever this TC woman is, not only talked two people who thought she was nuts (and were afraid of her) into working for her again (and in one case living with her) but also managed to poison them both against me. Sam spent a whole year with me (and we hung out in real life a few times) telling me TC was crazy. I spent a few months talking to TC myself and yeah she's nuts. Trust me on this. Now suddenly Sam is her best friend 5ever and Lisa is living with her and is her girlfriend....? Even though TC also has a boyfriend. Right. If that doesn't sound weird enough it gets worse.

Over the time I was "friends" with TC and we talked every night. TC detailed plans to me to kill herself if the show was ever cancelled OR if Freddie Lounds died in the show. TC believed she was Freddie Lounds so she believed that if the show ended or the character died, her life should end to. During that conversation (which was incredibly dark) she quickly changed the subject saying "That doesn't matter anyway because the show isn't going to be cancelled". Even worse, no one knows TC's real name, except I'm assuming her boyfriend and this Lisa girl. Also no one has ever seen her face except for Lisa and her boyfriend. Even Sam doesn't know what she looks like. TC has a P.O Box, she sent me stuff through the mail. The P.O Box is registered in the name of Freddie Lounds as TC believes that people are going to hunt her down and kill her if she uses her real address. TC's phone is also registered under a fake name and she changed her phone number randomly at one point because she thought I was calling her which I never did because I'm not stupid enough to do that. Sam gave me her phone number in an attempt to look it up and see what name came up under TC's phone, it was registered to a man who basically doesn't exist. Even TC's facebook is devoid of any actual pictures of her, it's just fan art that Lisa drew (because she made Lisa draw it). Lisa has cut off ALL of her hair, it used to be nearly waist long. TC refers to her as either Mason or Chilton, never her actual name.

Usually it's not hard to find someone, especially not these days. TC, however, has gone out of her way to register under several aliases, use a fake name on a P.O Box and some how even though she's had TONS of "Staff" keep her identity and face hidden from ALL of them. Her former staff have come forward to talk to me, all of them agreeing that TC is what I say she is. Nutty as a fruitcake. TC some how has three young women under her complete control and at her beck and call, and I guess her boyfriend is completely okay with this? She's also incredibly mentally ill but as of now Sam has stopped being able to "see" it and lord even knows what Lisa is thinking/doing.

Hannibal has been cancelled, almost NO chance of it continuing, TC is my age, really mentally ill (probably paranoid schizophrenic) not in therapy, not on meds, and has never been treated for a mental illness. She's also not famous, her website isn't even THAT popular, she's not affiliated with NBC, DLC, or Bryan Fuller (to the level she claims). The woman is very libel to snap at any fucking moment, I have almost NO information about her other than her website, her P.O Box address and this picture of her:

TC knows I'm out there and I know too much. She has attempted to get my twitter account locked for posting the truth about her and who she is. She is aware that I was at an event she talks about because she knows I went there with Sam. When I tried to explain the events surrounding a specific picture (which she doesn't own BTW) TC reported me for Harassment. Not sure how harassment is telling the truth about what someone did because I witnessed the events first hand. The rest of my proof can be found HERE and in the event that she manages to get that blog down (The one that Sam had me make) the information can also be found HERE (a place where she can't touch it because it's not on social media).

Someone out there knows who this woman is. Someone out there knows her address, her name, her phone number, and far more about her than I do. Someone needs to stop her from...well doing everything she's doing. Preying on young girls and brainwashing people into God only knows with her empty promises. The people who currently surround her are only in the business of protecting her. She manages to scam innocent, naive, and introverted young girls into believing she can give them the world when she's a total nobody. If anyone has any actual information on this woman, where she lives, who she is, even a NAME, you can contact me HERE. Or just go to police yourself.  I think at this point police need to get involved and check out this person because after all I've seen, and with all my proof, ignoring this is not within anyone's best interest. Thank you.