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Fuller Queerbaits, Fannibals Salivate

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I started watching Hannibal in season 1. Back then when the show was actually good. It was a fairly realistic crime drama that actually made sense and had a good story/plot behind it. The show was original enough to attract people who didn't know the history of Hannibal Lecter and it was old school enough that existing fans of Hannibal could enjoy it as well. It followed canon realistically enough that it was enjoyable for all parties and gave a new twist to the canon. I would have to say season 1 was perfect. Then it went vastly downhill in season 2. The major underlying plot of season 2 was how gay Hannibal and Will could be for each other without ever actually having sex. Even Bryan Fuller stated that he wanted to see how much gayness he could put in the show with no actual pay off to the fans. He even stated that Will Graham was straight and ended up casting the woman who would play his wife. Yet still, he can't seem to stop promoting the show via Hannigram. The relationship that drove the plot of season 2 and is currently driving the plot of season three.

Due to HORRIBLE ratings, it's no surprise that NBC decided to drop the show. By episode three of this year, the show only had a SMALL amount of views in the key demographic. They aren't interested in continuing for that exact reason. Yet, apparently the production company and creator and not in the business of telling the fans the actual truth. DeLaurentiis Company tweeted that the show was ALWAYS at a threat to be cancelled due to content. This network has run Law and Order SVU for YEARS. A show about violent sexual crimes, that is chock to the brim with off putting content. Not to mention the fact that they ran ER which had plenty of episodes with graphic content and featured a storyline with a doctor getting his arm chopped off which yeah they showed the WHOLE thing. Content was never an actual issue so I have no idea why the production company is telling ANYONE this. NBC straight up said it was ratings.

Of course then you have people saying that it's homophobia. It's not that either. Other than the fact that NBC ran Will and Grace for like 9 seasons, in ER there was a long running plot line about an interracial lesbian couple who basically got married and adopted a child. Really don't think it has anything to do with gay content. Further more, B.D Wong is regularly featured on SVU (An openly gay actor) and if you really want to look at it, there's been no actual gay content in Hannibal. Just a lot of queer baiting and sexual subtext that is completely unnecessary. The problem is, that the creator of the show (Bryan Fuller) openly ships Hannibal and Will. He can't shut up about how sexy the actors are, or the characters, or how much he wants them to fuck. In a recent interview he even stated he carries around erotic fan art of the two characters and shows it to people any chance he gets. I'm SURE That makes the straight actors feel AWESOME while they are on set, considering both of them are married and have children.

Other than that you have people on tumblr making irrational statements about killing themselves because the show was cancelled:

They also can't seem to stop making "Eat the Rude" jokes. I mean seriously there are TONS of "We are going to eat people" jokes because of this show being cancelled. Which is annoying as it is disturbing.

The show actually needs to be cancelled. Considering that Fuller really only intends to pander to ONE small group of people (The Hannigram shippers) and by his own admission, why do we want this show to continue? Though he also said Will is straight he still can't stop making him really gay, same with Hannibal Lecter, who isn't gay in the books. There is really NO need for this plotline to happen but Fuller can't fucking shut up about it because he's a Mary-Sue hack who some how got his slash fan fiction on the air. Even the production company can't shut up about how gay the show will get in season 3, which NBC is allowing to run it's course instead of yanking from the lineup completely, which really surprises me considering how bad ratings have gotten.

This tweet was made by the production company when someone asked how much Hannigram was coming up in season 3:

These tweets were made by the creator when asked about how much Hannigram is in season 3:

Not to mention that the creator literally cannot shut up about how gay season 4 would be if he got a season 4. In this interview here he talks about exploring the relationship even "Deeper" despite the fact that he CAST WILL'S WIFE ON THE SHOW. So all he's doing is riling up a very small minority of the fandom because he's so fucking into shipping these two characters, who are literally SO OUT OF CHARACTER at this point I fail to understand how he can legally call the show Hannibal. Dolarhyde is no longer a sexual predator because it would upset the feminists, Will and Hannibal are gay even though they are straight in the books, season 3 was promoted as a romance between Hannibal and Bedelia and that hasn't happened at ALL. Yet people are surprised the show was cancelled? Other than the fact that it's a plot hole ridden piece of artsy, pretentious GARBAGE, the creator of the show couldn't be MORE of a tease when it comes to hooking two men up. I don't want Hannigram to be canon, I have nothing against gay relationships (As I'm not even straight myself) but at this point he either should MAKE IT HAPPEN or destroy it. Instead he uses it as bait to get more ratings.

Also somewhere along the line the fans got it in their head that Netflix is interested in picking up the show, when Netflix has no official stance on this at all.

That certainly hasn't stopped them from harassing the shit out of netflix and then running to tumblr to tell people netflix wants the show when literally no such statement has been made. The company that had original dibs on it declined to save it, this isn't a good sign for any other streaming service as if even Amazon doesn't think it's worth it, the what other service will? Plus purchasing rights are pretty damn high for this show since the budget per season is millions of dollars AND they only ever provide 13 episodes instead of a full season. Not to mention the fact that several actors on the show have already expressed distaste with having to turn down movie roles to do this show and don't really want to do it any longer. The show is horrible, the fans are horrible, and the creator is horrible. Please just let this show die, I don't even know how it got renewed for a season three because season two ratings were shitty as well. The fans have no concept of WHY the show was cancelled but the long and short of it is that NO ONE WAS WATCHING and it's not NEARLY as popular as people on tumblr say.

The reason it got voted Hulu's number one show isn't cause a lot of people voted, it's because tumblr literally sat at home and refreshed the voting page over and over. Blogs like this one would put up reminders every hour telling people to vote and that multiple votes counted. So that wasn't even a direct representation of how many people watched just a direct representation of how little lives these people have that they sat at home and upvoted a show. Also, most people watching the show aren't even in the US and are pirating it, and even if they were a HUGE chunk of the fandom is 14-17 year old teenagers who don't even hit their keydemo for ratings. Most people didn't even know this was a TV show until people said it was being cancelled and tumblr threw a HUGE tantrum over it. It's over, let the show die. Seriously. There is absolutely NO point in continuing this madness.