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The Great Mythical Patriarchy

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On my youtube channel I have people who come there, watch only one video, and then declare that I'm grossly misrepresenting feminists. They don't bother to check my other videos or sources, they just decide that their opinion is fact because they don't like what I'm saying. This woman is no different from the others. On my "Women Against Feminism" video, she decided she was going to attack me. Her argument? Patriarchy harms men too. So let me get this straight? A system put in place by men, to keep men in power, also harms them? Because that makes sense how? For one, this woman is posting from the United States so I damn well know she doesn't live under a patriarchy. Though there are some areas of the world where patriarchy exists, these girls don't care about that. They care about this fictional monster they created in their own first world countries because they are uninterested in taking responsibility for their own behavior.

Lets do a quick point by point break down of everything wrong with this statement:

  1.  In several of my videos besides this one I explain why Wage Gap doesn't exist. This also isn't my only complaint it's one of many examples. But this is instantly what she focuses on.
  2. "If you have another video please share" Yeah I have about 100 videos on my channel with sources, information, and other links to prove what I'm saying is true. You couldn't even watch ONE other one? Literally ONE? Like click on my name and look at my channel and choose ONE other video? That's too much work? I have to go get the video FOR you? Seriously?
  3. My rant is limited and I have a flawed perception of feminists, but she's REALLY quick to bash MRAs (Of which I am not one because I'm Egalitarian so I'm not even sure why that came up). Further more on my resources page I have a shit ton of links RIGHT HERE for her to read showing how violent feminists are.
  4. Please give us some proof. Well other than the fact that I've already done that in this video and TONS of others, this is how she replied when I sent her links to proof:

So even though I sent her MANY MANY MANY sources of how feminists defeat men over and over and prevent them from getting any attention when they are abused she continues to blame patriarchy. She claims that the sources I sent her are disgusting and shameful and a disappointing representation of feminism. When the sources I sent her ARE FEMINISM. That's what it is now. All I had to do was go to my resource page (Which isn't even hard to find if you go to my website) and grabbed sources from there. These aren't hard things to research because they are EVERYWHERE this is what feminists do. Yet she decides that she doesn't LIKE this and dismisses it immediately in favor of repeatedly screaming PATRIARCHY. Then for some weird reason she claims to be against 3rd wave feminism but she can't shut up about PATRIARCHY and what do the 3rd wave girls do? They shut down anyone who tries to point out how shitty their movement is.

Patriarchy in the way feminists say it exists does not. Men wouldn't be in the business of making up an entire system to keep men in power, while also allowing it to harm men. If patriarchy existed in the way these women claimed, not only would feminists not be allowed to call themselves feminists, protest, or complain the way they do, MANY of them would be in jail for trying to speak out against this magical mystery patriarchy. There is no actual proof of this SYSTEM that they claim holds them down. A gendered system meant to keep one gender in power wouldn't also hurt that same gender. You don't even NEED sources for this because LOGIC dictates this as a reality. Since feminists don't use logic I'm not even surprised that they can't see beyond their own lies to figure it out themselves.

Despite this woman's claims of propaganda being EVERYWHERE and AGAINST feminists and that basically everything people say about feminism is LIES...well it's not. Feminist behavior has been observes repeatedly over the past few years and it's always been REALLY VIOLENT.  If anything FEMINISTS ARE PORTRAYED AS RIGHT ALL THE TIME and anyone who DARES say otherwise is some sort of bigoted, sexist, liar. Though I cannot deny there are some good women out there (Christina Hoff Sommers for one) the majority of the movement is toxic, there is more than enough proof of this, and it's just going to continue to get worse because people like her love to IGNORE anything that portrays feminism as bad and claim NOT ALL FEMINISTS ARE LIKE THAT while behaving just like that.