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Irony, Thy Name Is Feminism

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

A few nights ago it was drawn to my attention that some tumblr feminists got a hold of my youtube videos and were embedding them on their site in order to make fun of me and encourage other feminists to go spam me with hate. Ironically the specific video was actually about harassment that feminists dish out. In the video I specifically mention how feminists behave when you say things they don't like.  So these idiot feminists decide to prove me wrong by attacking me, not only on my youtube channel by spamming people with stupid statements like "GOKU IS MY DAD" and "Poopy" but also by making dumb comments about how "silly" I am on their blogs.

Even more funny, I suppose, is that they think I'm a blog called "Anti-Feminism-Pro-Equality" which is an actual blog on tumblr. It's funny because at the very beginning of this video I say my website name and who I am, and as usual at the bottom of my video is my website address so people can go look at my website. They seem to think it's hilarious to send stupid shit to that video (most of which has been deleted by this point) and at least one of them up there admits to going to the school I mention in the video. Her name (Ironically enough) is ProblematicFemme. If you go to her blog she has awesome FAQ statements about how boys are stupid, which is sad considering she's in college or claims to be.

Since this video was basically about a daycare center for feminists after they get triggered all she is really doing is reinforcing my statements about how dumb feminists are, yet some how fails to realize it. Tumblr feminists are quite possibly the dumbest breed of females on the planet. Clearly she exists "in real life" which negates all the arguments that tumblr feminists don't exist in real life. Her friends who reblogged the video (it has like I dunno 20 something notes at this point) all had very "intelligent" things to say about it as well.

I think that the best part in ALL of this is how badly they fail at their attempt to seem hardcore or better than me. They don't have any arguments to rebut what I'm saying other than stupid insults or laughing at me. They spammed the video with childish insults and language and then started to cry unfair because "OMG BOYS ARE YUCKY!". After informing the blog they accused me of being that they were doing this, she had something to say about it as well. Of course this gained the post far more attention which I'm happy for because it means more views. At the end of the day, as much as feminists want to keep claiming they DON'T behave this way they continue to KEEP behaving this way as if people like me are never going to find out. Yes, please, keep telling me why anyone really NEEDS feminism.