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Note To White People, Stop Doing Anything

TumblrMonica Edwards1 Comment

I was browsing around on tumblr as I am one to do on occasion and I found this amazingly ignorant post. It was about lead actor Chris Pratt in the move Jurassic World which I saw this weekend. The movie wasn't all that great but then again I don't think I was its target audience. I can admit the effects were really cool though. I digress. Here is the post:

Other than the fact that I'm sure that this post was made by a bunch of white girls, literally what the fuck? For one, there was a black actor right there along side of Chris and he was just as important as Chris in the movie.  Anyway the actor who was constantly on screen with Chris was a black guy and clearly not American going by his accent. The actor's name is Omar Sy and he was great in the movie. His character took care of the raptors and worked with Pratt's character Owen the entire movie. His significance was HIGH. He was in no way some sort of minority token. He was important. Then of course you have the owner of the damn park, Iffran Kahn who is an Indian man. Another important lead character. He OWNED the park the whole fucking place wasn't even run by some "rich white guy" but lets ignore that too. Of course after that you have B.D Wong who played the most important role which is THE SCIENTIST WHO CREATED ALL THE FUCKING DINOSAURS. Without this guy there wouldn't even be a movie cause there wouldn't be any damn dinosaurs to fucking eat people. He was even in the original Jurassic Park. This actor is not only Asian but he's openly gay. They didn't even choose a boring old "cishet white guy" for the role.

The movie takes place in a tropical setting of Costa Rica. Pratt's character worked outside ALL day with raptors so yes he was exposed to sun and yes he got a tan which I suppose is a new concept for a bunch of tumblr bitches who don't EVER leave the safety of their own homes to complain. Not really surprised they don't know what the sun is or how it works. Further more, the lead character (Female) was your typical radfem idiot who didn't want to listen to Pratt cause he was a man, had a crazy ass hair cut and red lipstick, and was the biggest control freak in the Goddamn universe. Luckily eventually she wised up and started to behave like a rational human instead of demanding that Pratt just train the dinosaurs not to attack her.

So here we have an example of a bunch of white girls complaining that a man who worked outside (and an actor that filmed outside) got tan and apparently this is some kind of racist statement of racism. They ignore the other VERY IMPORTANT minority characters and the fact that the most evil fucker in the entire movie WAS A WHITE GUY. Christ Pratt getting tan has nothing to do with "people of color" or "ignoring minorities" because that movie had PLENTY of minorities if you actually fucking paid attention to it. How in the world can people possibly be this blind and stupid. This is what we call LOOKING for problems that absolutely, 100% do not exist. It's why tumblr is useless and should probably be fire bombed back to the stone age.