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Stop With The Dick Shaming Already

Body Image, Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards6 Comments

This is a massive problem right now with feminists. As much as they want to deny it. I have already covered it to some extent in this article where i talk about how men also have to live by beauty standards. Since the article goes into quite a bit of detail of how men are routinely ignored and shamed while also being expected to live up to an unrealistic body standard, I'm not going to recap here. Instead, what I am going to talk about is another part of the problem. Dick shaming. I can't tell you how many posts on twitter/tumblr I have seen of women (mostly teenage girls with no concept of sex) complaining about the dick size of a man.

 ( Source )

(Facts and Source on Average Size For Penises)

The average size of a man is not THAT huge. Part of the problem is a lot of women seem to have no concept of what average is. I blame that on porn even though many feminists will claim they don't like/watch porn. The standards for men are ridiculous and even more so, they get paid less than women. A man who wants to be in porn has to usually have at least an 8 inch penis (Mainstream stuff not armature hour) and they have to not only be able to get HARD on cue they have to maintain an erection for hours on end in order to film.

The most difficult part about being a male porn star is the hard-on. They have to get it up and off on cue essentially and all the while in between maintain [it] for two to three hours. This must be done under the most difficult of circumstances, including not being attracted to their female co-star, having sex in the most uncomfortable settings, i.e. on hard surfaces, cold/hot weather, etc., and/or having to stop frequently for direction or shot setups. They have to be in great shape in order to perform. It all adds up to being the most difficult job in porn, in my opinion (Source)

This is giving a lot of women (mostly young girls on tumblr who have insanely easy access to porn) really skewed ideas of what a man's average dick size should be. Despite the above study where it shows most women are happy with their partner's size, men are insecure about their size. Why is that? Possibly because of commercial after commercial advertising products for a bigger cock because that's what women want. Possibly because women read bullshit articles in Cosmo about the "Mystery orgasm" that the MAN is denying them (because the pressure is always put on the man). Possibly the thousands upon thousands of small dick jokes on TV shows, in movies, and all over the internet. There is no lacking of this content and it's pretty in your face day after day after day. Even condom commercials are now more geared towards women all about HER pleasure and how great it will feel for HER. Honestly, the world is centered around catering to women when it comes to sex not men. If anyone wants to tell me men do not have really high standards to face in bed they are idiots.

Women these days are constantly told there is nothing wrong with them. That they are beautiful no matter what. No matter their size, shape, color, height, whatever the fuck there's a constant message going out there about how EVERY WOMAN IS BEAUTIFUL AND NOTHING IS WRONG WITH YOU. When a woman questions her beauty/size it's not HER problem, it's society that made her feel that way. Men have no recourse at all. There aren't beauty campaigns for men, there are barely any resources for men. Men are less likely to be diagnosed with eating disorders because it's seen as a woman's only issue. Men are constantly bombarded with how they are not good enough around every corner and yet, you don't hear much complaint about it. Either because (sadly) men know it's useless to complain, or they are so fucking used to taking this shit from women they have accepted it as the norm.

In 99% of cases it seems that women judge people (as a whole) more harshly than men ever do. When I was bullied for my appearance in school it was women. I was constantly teased for being too skinny, having no tits, and looking like a man. I cannot deny that SOME men were jerks to me as well but the overwhelming majority of bullies who were an issue with me in school (and still today) are females. Females are so damn harsh on the appearance of other females then have the nerve to blame is on men/patriarchy/whatever, when they are the ones causing this problem in the first place.

If you aren't having orgasms after a 7 year relationship, YOU are part of the problem ladies. The man is not 100% responsible for making you orgasm every damn time. If you can't open your fucking mouth and tell him how to please you then you are not deserving of a relationship in the first place. There is so much emphasis placed on the size of a man's penis these days that it makes my head want to explode.

In season 1 of Hannibal I saw a post going around about the star of the show Mads Mikkelsen on Tumblr. He's been in a lot of movies (was more famous in Europe than he was and probably still is in America) so there are tons of movies with nearly nude scenes of him. This post had a bunch of teenage girls complaining that his dick looked "too small" and they were "upset" because THEY wanted it to be bigger. Just on and on and on about how they were "SO SAD" that his penis was tiny. Literally, what the fuck? For one, the guy is married and has been for like 30 years he also has two kids. Clearly his dick works and his wife is in love with it. What gives you the right to pass around a post dick shaming the guy? For two, all of you are fucking virgins. Your ONLY experience with sex is really poorly written fan fiction where the man ALWAYS has a 12 inch throbbing dick which is SO NOT EVEN CLOSE TO REALISTIC. Finally, you build literal shrines to this man on that site, sexualizing him, objectifying him, and crying about how much you want to fuck him and you have the nerve to dick shame him? Really? Like he's EVER going to be interested in someone younger than his own daughter? That makes sense. You do this without any literal thought to if he could possibly see it, his kids, OR OTHER MALES ON TUMBLR WHO NOW THINK THEY HAVE TO MEASURE UP TO YOUR REALLY ABSURD DICK STANDARDS!

It's gotten to a breaking point with me and these stupid little girls. The WOMEN I know who actually have sex could care less about size. Really. I have never EVER once heard one of my current friends complain about guy's being "too small". I did have a friend where she complained the guy was too big (they could only have anal sex because he was so big) and that ended their relationship. The guy had a hard time keeping women because his dick was so huge and painful and when he was fully erect he got dizzy. There wasn't even much he could do with the thing. The girls who whine about this most seem to have no concept that the vagina is a finite area and eventually you are going to hit the cervix which is quite painful. You don't want a 12 inch dick. 4-6 inches (which is average) is 100% completely fine! As a woman I even prefer dicks on the smaller size because they feel better and it's not like the guy is trying to cram his entire body into me.

What it comes down to is that over exposure from media, tumblr, and REALLY bad fan fiction has skewed young women's opinions on what is right and wrong about dick size. Men never should have to worry about this. Men should never be shamed for things they can't control like the size of their damn dicks. Men are not just here for your pleasure, walking dildos, and completely in charge of if you have an orgasm or not. The belittling, teasing, and shaming of men ESPECIALLY for things they can't EVER control needs to stop. Feminists you have ALL THE DAMN BEAUTY CAMPAIGNS IN THE FUCKING UNIVERSE TELLING YOU THAT YOU ARE PERFECT. It's time to at least give one OUNCE of respect towards what men have to face on a daily basis.