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Feminists Are Against Female Education

Rape, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

This seems like a brash statement but it isn't. As of late it's become incredibly clear to me that feminists are against feminists getting any sort of formal education. I know it sounds like a radical conclusion to jump to but hear me out. Feminists seem to have this idea, some how, that 1 in 4 women in college will be raped. They proudly post these statistics in hallways of high schools and even colleges, trying to remind women that this will happen. Other than the fact that it's absolutely not true, why the fuck would you constantly scream this at other women if you want them to get an education? Further more, on any given US college campus right now, it's going to be dominated by women. More women are enrolled in college than men right now and more women are likely to go to college as the drop out rate for males is extremely high. They either leave and never graduate high school or don't feel the need to pursue a higher education.


I suppose feminists in some way think their lies and propaganda are helping to stop rape? I don't see how. If I were a girl in high school who also didn't know any better (most don't, that's why you find a lot of idiot feminists on tumblr who are also in high school) and I heard that my chance of being raped on a college campus was 1 in 4, why would I want to go? Even if I did go, I'd be scared out of my mind at all times that someone was going to rape me, which just isn't true. I attended college, I never had any experience that came close to rape. I had more than 4 female friends in college and none of them were raped (at least not in college). I know this isn't a hard and fast rule or legit study, but both my sisters went to college and weren't raped. Their friends (female) went to college and weren't raped. Trust me these are things I would have heard about because well they are my sisters, my friends, people I'm surrounded with. I have yet to meet a woman who has told me she was raped in college. I'm not denying women get raped in college what I'm saying is that the crime is FAR FAR more rare than feminists keep saying it is.

This year, there are roughly 11 million women enrolled in college.  That would mean a total of 2,750,000 college rape cases in the last four years.

Do you know how many rape cases are reported annually?  About 89,000.  With the assumed 60% unreported rate, that’s about 195,000 rape cases per year.  Over a four year span, assuming that the statistics stay exactly the same?  That would be about 785,000 cases of rape.  Oh, did I mention that this is all cases of rape in America, not just college-campus cases.

Over a four year period in America, the number of rapes that occur fall nearly 2,000,000 cases short of the feminist “1/4 college women” statistic.  

Even with these statistics freely available it's like no one has the brain/time to go and look at them. What they are saying about this is literally impossible and it's been debunked! The woman who did this survey doctored it and admitted to it. Mary Koss is already known as a fraud and widely so, but once again it seems that feminists aren't in the business of telling the truth as long as the fiction supports their agenda.

“[a]lthough consideration of male victims is within the scope of the legal statutes, it is important to restrict the term rape to instances where male victims were penetrated by offenders. It is inappropriate to consider as a rape victim a man who engages in unwanted sexual intercourse with a woman.” -Mary Koss

As much as feminists want to scream about campus rape statistics, instances of rape have plummeted more than 60% over the past decade. Rape isn't nearly as prevalent as feminists claim but the way feminists DEFINE rape is a huge part of the problem. Especially when they are constantly throwing around terms like "Rape culture" which is something that 100% doesn't exist in the way feminists will say. When a group of morons is starting to claim farts are rape, you know they've lost all credibility.

Not to mention the recent issues with fake claims of gang rape at a major college university where literally NO one was punished for lying and the woman who wrote the article didn't even get fired. Plus the whole "Mattress Girl" performance piece where a girl (most likely) lied about being raped and carried around a mattress every day on campus to "protest" that the college didn't expel her rapist. Not only did she call it a performance piece the whole time, she still does, and she's intent on selling the mattress she carried around for profit. Even with all the evidence stacking up against her that makes her look like a HUGE liar, feminists don't care. Not at all. If the story supports their agenda (no matter how made up it is) then they are going to keep spreading it around.

Feminists constantly complain that there aren't enough women in certain jobs (STEM jobs like science and medicine and math) but at the same time they are actively trying to convince girls not to go to college or that college is exceedingly dangerous for women because of these weird fucking false statistics that they can't stop spewing. So which one is it feminists? Do you want more women in these fields of study? Or do you just want them to sit at home scared that everything is going to rape them? Your bipolar behavior on this issue is infuriating. Just shut up already!