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Feminism And Perpetual Childhood

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards1 Comment

The other day I wrote an article about a woman being triggered by a scene from a TV show of a woman serving men food. Hours later I find out that the woman in question is a 16 year old girl. I confronted her and was like "Oh sorry I just realized you are 16 and have no concept of actual problems". When she responded it was nothing more than whining about how I'm a loser adult and I "went out of my way to harass a child". Given how the website of tumblr works, there was no actual way I could have known she was 16 years old just by reading her post. Which was all I did, I read the dumb post that she put up and couldn't believe how anyone could think that way. The thing is, that regardless of actual age, they all behave this way.  

Sadly, there are actual teenagers who are making ridiculous posts, just as much as adult feminists are. I mean, need I mention the weird, childish rants that people like Jessica Valenti go on? And don't get me started on the temper tantrums Anita Sarkeesian threw to get famous on youtube. It seems that feminists are all just children, either in actual young bodies or mentally. Feminism has become about nothing but blaming everyone else for problems in this world. No matter what the problem is, no matter where they find the problem, they are in no way a contributing factor to it. It's always men, or the great and powerful patriarchy which they made up in the first place.  

They will find every last possible way to blame problems on anyone that isn't them. They will deflect, whine, and even cry harassment over the dumbest things. My experience with this 16 year old was no different from the experiences I have with 40 year old women. Just recently, I had a middle age house wife attack me in almost the exact same way this 16 year old girl did. I only know she's 40 because when I blocked her first screen name which was harassing me here, she was dumb enough to sign in with her facebook account, which allowed me to see who she was. She was behaving the exact same as a young child. Insulting my looks, and personally attacking my character, without offering any actual rebuttal as to why I was wrong about what I was saying. There is no difference between the behavior, it's just really the sad fact that the 40 year old version never grew up.  

I can only hope that these teenagers who behave this way will hit the real world and realize how wrong they are, but considering there are plenty of adult feminists who still have yet to realize how to take responsibility for their own actions, I don't have much hope. I know my sister's radical feminist behavior ebbed somewhat after she had to go get herself an actual job, but it doesn't mean all of them will learn the same lessons. If you look at people like Jessica Valenti, you see that they actually make a living throwing fits and acting like children. Obviously there is a profit margin in never growing up and catering to the masses of women who still believe that they are not to blame for anything that happens around them.  

The more that I see this happening, the more I lose faith for an actual, functioning society. I don't know how any of them can actually function this way. To have no self awareness, to not be able to comprehend your contribution to the problem, that is to be a perpetual child. Part of maturing is understanding the problems that you create, and the part you play that keeps the problems allegedly appearing in your day to day life. Ignoring the fact that 99% of what these women complain about is only perceived as problematic, even if it weren't, they'd never take responsibility for any of it. In this way they can and never will grow up. As sad as it is, at least there is comfort in knowing that one will always win when arguing with a feminist, since they are basically five year olds.