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Women Are Shit At Working In Groups

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards1 Comment

This was something I spoke of in my recent video, a follow up to my first video about killing all men. Women are shit at working in large groups. This is something that pretty much ignored by society because when men meet in large groups they tend to be more honest, open, and even physical with aggression than women. The thing about that is, that men can literally get in a fist fight and remain friends. Even be friends within an hour or by the next day. I remember reading about how David Bowie got his eye injury, it was a fight over a girl. He missed 8 months of school to have the problem corrected but he stayed friends with the guy who did it. They went on to make an album together. In what possible world could anyone imagine two girls doing that? Basically none.

David Bowie's Injured Eye Pictured Here

In an article I was sent, it showed that a Dutch version of the TV show Survivor had men and women on two different islands. The women squabbled and fought and were out of food and supplies entirely after three days. The men, in the same amount of time managed to build a nice shelter, other things, find food, and cook. The women wouldn't do anything unless the entire group could come to the same consensus. When they didn't, they just sat around and did nothing. It was so bad the show literally HAD to send men to the camp. Even still, the men did everything while the women did nothing.

Even in situations that aren't reality TV, women are horrible with working together. In a Forbes magazine article it is reported that women are more likely to conflict with female bosses than male.

The truth is that intolerance among women is entirely mutual, and women are just as difficult for women to employ as they are for women to report to.

Even this article explains that 39% of women prefer a male boss to a female boss. Yet still feminists seem to think that women running the world would be a good idea. This article from psychology today explains some of the mentality behind this:

Early in puberty, girls may begin to look at one another in an acutely competitive and judgmental manner. In a world that feels as if others could turn on you at any time, taking a judgmental stance toward other women is a way to feel a modicum of control. The cost of this tactic is high because harsh judgment and cruelty toward other women is inherently linked to relentless self-scrutiny and panic should one's own flaws be attacked. Many girls see one another as scary, untrustworthy, ruthless and cruel.

Women see other women in charge as too bossy or bitchy. (The #BanBossy Campaign tried to draw light on this but failed miserably). They usually end up resenting that person. As I mentioned in my video, I know that if I were on an island with all those women I'd have just started doing work. Not because I'm some sort of worker bee but because I know it needs to get done and other people aren't going to do it for me. The problem would be, that very shortly after that, these women would find it unfair that I had shelter and food and demand that I start sharing with them, even if they did absolutely nothing to help me.

I've been in similar situations during school, when forced to work in a group. I ended up doing most (if not all) of the work while the girls gossiped and made fun of other people. Then, of course, they benefited from what I did because I was the only one who actually wanted to do the project. Even in these situations it caused me backlash because the girl who wants to do the school work is the nerdy/geeky girl. It wasn't even that I wanted to do the work (I never did) but I really didn't like getting in trouble even more. I also never liked the girls I was paired with so there was no reason for me to want to talk to them. The instances when I'd been in groups with mostly guys or it was about 50/50 more shit got done because guys actually know how to follow directions and do work.

There are women like me, I'm not doubting that. I am friends with them, and I had friends like them in school. Girls who knew that they had to do stuff because it would not be done for them otherwise. The vast majority of girls I've met, in my life, do not have this mentality. They don't want to work and when a girl is a leader or tries to be one, then suddenly she's a bitch or being way too bossy. The irony is, a man could be doing the exact same thing, in the exact same way, and women respect that. Women want a man to come in, provide for them, and be dominant. If another female tries to be alpha then suddenly she's nominated for Queen of all the bitches.

This is ultimately why a female society could never work. Already it's been noted that there are problems with women in the work place. One woman even went as far as to say she wasn't ever going to hire women again (or at least didn't want to). Women are constantly at each others throats in workplaces and yet for some reason feminists love to ignore this and think a female run society could actually be a thing. Considering how no work got done at all, on that reality TV show because NONE of the women were willing to be leaders, I can't fathom it. Even in American survivor when a woman tries to be a leader or put her foot down, she's voted off immediately for being too bossy. Feminists continually fail to realize how important it is to have men around. It's almost as if they forget how shitty they are to each other on a daily basis. Thie mentality has to stop, not just for the sake of females but for society as a whole.