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Trigger Warning: Woman Serves Man Food On TV

Anti-Feminism, RapeMonica EdwardsComment

This is so ridiculous I just HAD to write an article on it. First of all, I've already spoken out on how fandoms and feminism don't mix as well as done an entire video on how feminism is ruining NBC's series Hannibal. Though some of the feminist arguments to that show have some validity (and by some I mean like 1%) this one has to take the cake as quite possibly the dumbest thing to be triggered by I have ever seen in my life. In a recent promo for Hannibal (season 3) a female character named Bedelia is shown bringing food to a dinner table.

The feminist in question, decided that this was dehumanizing. Really dehumanizing. She wrote that she didn't want to HAVE to get angry. If you don't believe me, you can see her rant here, which I will discuss in a moment:

Where do I even start with this? First of all, she seems to think that Hannibal is FORCING Bedelia into servitude even when in the same exact promo for the show, there is a shot of Bedelia holding a gun on Hannibal and giving him the business. They also seemed to fail to watch the other promo, where Bedelia is stabbing the same guy in the head that she's serving dinner to. Yes, weak, submissive woman there am I right? Of course some how this feminist also manages to jump to some conclusion that this behavior could lead to rape as well. As you can see at the end "If there is even a HINT of rape I will tear everything to pieces". Some how, a woman, innocuously carrying a tray of food to two men at a table made her go from 0 to rape in about 30 seconds. Literally 30 seconds because that's how long the actual promo is for the upcoming season.

She also mentions that this is "different" from the mental manipulation that Hannibal did to Will. Implying that what Hannibal did to Will (A popular male character in the show) isn't equally as dehumanizing, in fact, it was worse. Hannibal not only framed Will for murder, forced him to go to court, made him more mentally unstable, messed with his head, gaslighted him, abused him, fed him people without his knowledge, and killed a girl in front of him but he also denied Will the chance to get treatment for an incredibly serious illness that he had. Plus, lets add in the fact that he seemed to be very amused by the antics of Freddie Lounds who basically only lived to humiliate Will on her website. Which I guess doesn't matter because the feminists hate Freddie too.

I'm wondering how exactly this woman even made it to season 3 of Hannibal. Considering there were a shit load of feminists who believed that Hannibal raped Alana (after sex which was clearly consensual and Alana had initiated herself) I don't know how she wasn't triggered right into a goddamn head explosion. Not to mention the feminists that flipped out when Beverly Katz was killed off, to the point the actress made blog post about it. Fuller is even willing to go out of his way to ruin a very important plot point in Red Dragon by changing a character that was a sexual predator. He has stated numerous times he would never EVER write about rape of a woman because it's dehumanizing. Yet no matter how hard he caters to these feminists, no matter what he does (including injecting women into the show to please feminists more) they all fucking hate him.

Further more, how does this girl live her daily life? Does she refuse to serve anyone food? Cook? What about if she goes to a restaurant and sees a waitress? Is that triggering too? What if her mom brings her dad a plate of food? Is that dehumanizing? Hell this is just so fucking degrading why don't we all go back to the stone age. Trust me, I see my fair share of completely retarded feminist rants about TV shows but this one takes the cake. Goddess forbid a woman WANTS to serve a man food because then the whole fucking universe has to end.