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Fandoms & Feminism Don't Mix

Anti-Feminism, Social MediaMonica Edwards2 Comments

Recently, Joss Whedon had to delete his twitter account when he was attacked by feminists. They were even going as far as to send death threats. I've never been a huge fan of his because I never really watched any of his shows but I have observed the same behavior in the Hannibal fandom. The feminists turning on Bryan Fuller for little to no reason other than he killed ONE main female character after killing dozens of male characters. Even if Fuller is a self proclaimed feminist and constantly panders to them, it doesn't matter. What they perceive as sexism/misogyny becomes that. Even Mads Mikkelsen wasn't safe from their harsh attacks when they misinterpreted something he said about the portrayal of women on certain TV shows. Luckily Mads isn't active on Twitter or I imagine the backlash would have been pretty bad for him as well.

When I was in the Hannibal fandom the majority of people I saw in that fandom were feminists. I remember specifically asking a harmless question about a character in season 1. Well, what I thought was a harmless question. Because this character was a female character and well liked by the fandom, the majority of the answers I got had something to do with me being sexist or misogynist. I still don't even have a clear answer to my question other than things I've had to deduce myself. That's really not the fault of the fandom but the fault of Bryan Fuller who didn't know how to write the character of a teenage girl properly, so he never explained her behavior which means I never got an answer to my question, but I digress.

A few months after season 1 ended, I decided to delete my blog due to harassment. It was a combination of feminists and plain old crazy people harassing me. What people constantly fail to realize is that once you get on the bad side of a popular fandom those people follow you. They find out where you go and they are relentless. I deleted countless blogs and twitter accounts trying to avoid them. I found out how mentally ill quite a few of them were. I ended up dating a girl who seemed normal but turned out to not only be an idiot feminist but also really mentally ill. I've seen behavior from these people first hand that I wish I had never seen. I have met really dangerous people because of this fandom. It's why any fandom stuff I do now is not on social media, it's on my own website.

The problem now is, because feminism is so rooted in first world problems, the only thing these girls have to complain about are TV shows they watch. Fictional media. Much like their hero Anita Sarkeesian, they have nothing better to do than obsess over TV shows and then obsess over how sexist the shows are. Mostly because none of them seem to leave the house and do all their harping from their little echo chambers on social medial sites. On the internet it's easy to forget that you aren't just speaking to a screen, there is another person at the other end of it. Maybe some of them realize it, maybe some of them don't, but it's easy to forget this. That is a recipe for disaster.

Feminism is no longer about actual problems, at least not in the first world. It's about seeking out problems that aren't actual problems and then turning them into problems. When the solution is as simple as turning off your TV or not listening to a certain genre of music, well, that's a non-problem. I've found radical feminists complaining in every fandom while also claiming to be fans of the thing they are complaining about. If that particular TV show, musician, or video game is SO harmful to you and SO horrible because of all the "sexism" why are you still engaging in that activity? How about you just stop? No one has a gun to your head nor are you held down and forced to watch any of it.

Since tumblr especially has become overrun with feminists, so have the fandoms, and this is a problem. For one, the world takes internet feminists way to seriously when they are in large groups. Like the ones that attacked Whedon and Fuller. They spam twitter accounts and youtube channels in order to guilt people who did nothing wrong into apologizing for nothing or completely leaving, like Whedon did. When a celebrity apologizes for a non-issue or straight up abandons and account, the feminists technically get their way and they think they've won. This only encourages them to act more hateful and psychotic in the future. This is why it's a completely bad idea to pander to that crowd. The moment you do something they don't like you are in their sights and they will destroy you. This particular combination has become more explosive than feminism all by itself. I don't suppose it's going to stop any time soon unless these celebrities start standing up for themselves and insisting they did noting wrong because 99% of the time, they didn't.