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Tumblr Needs To Be Stopped (Part II)

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I keep an eye on tumblr, mostly through a fandom blog that people either don't know I run or they have chosen to leave me alone there, I don't know which or care. In any case, because I follow quite a few anti-feminist blogs (even though I don't post anti-feminism myself there) I end up seeing a lot of things. That's good, because it gives me more material for my videos and my site. I came across this post and it really irked me. Thought I would share the post and my thoughts on it.

This is a hissy fit some feminist had about artists, specifically POC artists. Since it's an itemized list I think I should go over it point by point. I am not an artist myself, or at least I don't consider myself one (other than my writing). I do draw as a hobby but more than that I commission artists. I'm actually purchasing a commission from one of my favorite artists tomorrow because I love their work. I support art and artists and greatly appreciate it. I am also friends with countless artists of various genders/races/orientations. That's kind of why this post pisses me off so much. Lets get started:

  1. Basically this whole paragraph here is so incredibly racist. I know, I know, can't be racist against white people (According to tumblr logic) but seriously? People now need to be on the look out for artists that aren't white men? On top of that we need to coddle them with praise and buy their work, specifically because they are not white men? What does their race have to do with how good their art is?
  2. More racism here. Are you working with more than three white men? Get rid of them, who cares if they are nice to you, good artists, or you work well with them. Their skin color automatically denotes they are not worth your time. Who the fuck thinks this behavior is okay? Oh and by the way if you like any white male artists just forget about that. You should now hate them. Cause of their race.
  3. Need a writer? Need someone to do coloring? Need someone for any part of your project? Better damn well make sure they aren't part of a certain race, because that makes them bad by default. Hell, don't even look at their work, check their skin color first. Apparently skin color is directly related to talent now. Who knew?
  4. If someone tells you of a good artist who happens to be white that you might want to work with? Fuck that. Find any old POC artist and work with them. Even if their work sucks, anything is better than the white man.
  5. Let POC women run everything, don't worry about their ability or experience or anything like that. Just fucking give all the work to POC because race is the MOST IMPORTANT PART IN CREATING ART!

Now, as you can see, all of this is very repetitious. Basically all this person really needed to say this whole time was "White people are shit artists, I am only basing this on race and gender, don't trust white people with anything". If you think this list is terrible this is only half of the post. There is more. Much more. All of it the same thing over and over, shitting all over white people (especially white men) and then going on to insist that you give POC hand outs regardless of ability, talent, or experience because white people do not deserve any recognition for their hard earned work.

Let me explain just a few things. I mentioned that I am commissioning an artist currently to do a piece of work for me. You know how I found this artist? I saw their work. I currently have no idea what their gender or race is. I have no idea what their sexual orientation is. What do I know? I know they are very talented and I know that I have admired their work for a long time. I have just never been in a position to purchase it because I didn't have the money. Now, I don't care if this artist has no arms and only draws with their feet, they are good at what they do. I'm sure I could find out their gender or their race, but it doesn't matter. It doesn't matter because their talent speaks for itself.

 (Work By:  Hajime Sorayama )

(Work By: Hajime Sorayama)

Posts like these circulate on tumblr like cancer. A lot of people agree with them. In fact, in this specific post, someone reblogged just to remind people how fucking important it was to straight up ignore white people and their art in favor of POC art. This is mind bogglingly racist and sexist and tumblr (as well as the world) gets away with it due to the fact that the only people it trashes are white males. This post right here is literally saying GIVE PEOPLE OF COLOR A HAND OUT BECAUSE THEY DESERVE IT FOR THEIR SKIN COLOR. This is telling the world to pity, coddle, and hold non white artists by the hand because clearly if we do not, they can never EVER make it on their own in this sea of WHITE MALE ARTISTS.

You know who my favorite artist in the entire world is? His name is Hajime Sorayama and he paints some of the most beautiful pinup girls I've ever seen. Know how I found him? Not by googling "POC ARTISTS" I found him because I like pinup art, his art caught my eye, and I researched who he was. By coincidence he happens to be Japanese. I don't care though, his race/orientation/gender/whatever means nothing because his art is what drew me in. His art is EPIC. This man is straight up pure talent. When I find myself in the position to be able to commission an artist, I look at the art first, most people do. The last three artists I have commissioned by coincidence have not been white men. Nt because I was going out of my way to look for that but because I look at art FIRST. Most people who need an artist look for that FIRST. The nerve of tumblr to not only make a post like that but have a shit load of people agree with it, only shows how spoiled and self entitled that website it. The behavior is disgusting, and this is why tumblr has gone from being an artistic community of free expression to a bunch of whiny little brats trying to get hand outs.

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