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Stop Tumblr Feminism 2015

Social Media, Tumblr, Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Here are some (more) examples of why Tumblr Feminism Needs to be stopped. Enjoy.  


First of all, I'm a woman and I'd be terrified for my life if I was in a room full of feminists, seeing as how they love to send me death threats or tell me they are going to kick my ass cause "anti-feminism is stupid". Secondly, the way feminists demonize men and act like they are all rapists/killers of women is just disgusting. I'm sure a woman in a room full of men would be just fine as the majority of men would not be assholes who think it's okay to rape a woman because she's the only woman there.  



Other than the fact that I don't believe this ever even happened because I doubt any tumblr feminist ever got a job, this is what you think activism is? You think activism is annoying a woman trying to get a happy meal at a fast food restaurant for her surely very hungry and screaming bratty kids? Way to stick it to the man. By annoying a woman who doesn't give a shit what a fast food worker's political stance on feminism is, you totally made the world a better place. Or you know in reality you probably just got a write up from your manager for being a dick to customers and then complained about sexism on tumblr. That's the more likely result of this behavior you are so proud of.  



At first this seems like just a random list from a feminist being a brat but then you get to the last one. The last one implies that every other thing on this list is an indicator of an abusive relationship. Look at all of these things. An indication of an abusive relationship is that he disagrees with feminism? So if he doesn't share your stupid political views he's abusive? If he disrespects his mother, he's abusive? What if his mother is an abusive asshole herself? I know feminists don't think that's possible but it is. If all of his exes are psycho...yeah because men couldn't possibly date women who are violent or abusive. If he's racist or thinks before asking your opinion that's totally abuse. If he's late to pick you up or doesn't want to give you oral sex because you have a hairy cunt...ABUSE! ABUSE! ABUSE! None of these are actual signs of abuse and if you think they are and you end up googling signs of abuse then you are just going to be another one of his psycho exes that you don't want him to talk about.  



Oh yes because clearly all instances of hating a female celebrity (if you are female) has to do with some sort of internalized misogyny. Every actress I didn't like as a teen (and still don't like) was because of some worthless buzz phrase feminists made up to imply that women are brainwashed by "patriarchy" to hate men. Also, for some reason, when women grow up they just stop having this problem...but apparently only if they are feminists because I've been accused of internalized misogyny 100 times. Not liking a female celebrity doesn't automatically equate to this. Some of them are overrated, some of them aren't talented, and some of them are just awful fucking people. Not liking a woman (or person) doesn't always come down to physical reasons, gender, or jealousy. Most of the time people have reasons to not like a celebrity far beyond misogyny.  



Here's a catch-22 statement if I've ever seen one. First of all, if a girl does this to a guy she doesn't want to have anal sex anyway. She's trying to trap him into making an asshole out of himself, most likely so she can run to tumblr/twitter and complain that her boyfriend is some kind of homophobe or whatever. Secondly, if a guy does say it's totally fine for her to fuck him with a strap-on, how is she going to react? Because she's still not going to want anal sex even after he does it. There is absolutely no winning this situation other than dumping this crazy manipulative bitch and walking away. This isn't female empowerment, it's an abuse tactic.  

I see posts like this all the time on tumblr they aren't even that hard to find. All of them appear right on my dashboard. Look at how many notes they usually get. Hundreds of thousands of idiot feminists mindlessly reblogging propaganda because they think it's cool/true/empowering when all it really is, is creating double standards and brainwashing teenage girls into becoming man hating political lesbians later in life. The size of this social media echo-chamber is completely disgusting. People wonder why there are so many anti-feminists but when millions upon millions of people are on a website where they are constantly expose to this type of brainless tripe, it gives the movement a bad name. Obviously this isn't the only problem with the feminist movement but it's certainly not helping anyone take feminism more seriously, that's for sure.