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Sexism: Who Gives A Shit?

Anti-Feminism, SexismMonica EdwardsComment

Before anyone jumps down my throat, I'm not trying to say sexism can't pose problems. I'm also not saying sexism doesn't exist. However, the forms that it mostly exists in are completely harmless to the feminists who complain most about it and result in little more than hurt feelings and mean tweets tagged #KillAllMen. Obviously if a company/school is restricting hiring/accepting people based on gender, or assumes one gender is better at a certain job than another, that can pose problems. Situations like that are actually very rare. When they do happen they are illegal and people get sued. There are laws against any actual discrimination of the sexist type. The instances of "sexism" happpening are getting more and more ridiculous as 99% of them don't even pertain to actual discrimination. All drawing attention to it actually does is make women look like whiny, weak, bitches.  

Have I faced sexism before? Yes. Plenty of times. So what? Oh well, brush yourself off and move on with your damn life. It's not even that big of a deal. Oh no some guy thinks you aren't good enough to do XYZ activity, or he thinks you are a poser...big hairy fucking deal. Why does it matter? The context I hear most of these complaints in are like "Some guy came up to me and said X because I'm a girl" okay well then walk away from him? Is it true? Why are you so threatened by statements strangers make that you have to go out of your way to be a bitch and prove them wrong? It's like if you are walking down the street and some guy yells at you "HEY! YOU'RE A PENGUIN!" You'd think, "How silly, I'm not a penguin, I'm a person, who's dumb enough to try to tell me I'm a penguin?" and the point here is that YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE and some strange guy making some dumb statement about girls doesn't change that.  

Not too long ago I was on a forum for horror movies. I was discussing a theory about horror movie franchises and how things worked with a bunch of people. We talked about several different horror movie series and the plot holes within the series. Pretty "nerdy" and specific stuff that most casual viewers really don't notice because they aren't watching these movies over and over like people on horror forums would. At some point one of the users was like, "Yeah listen to this guy he knows his stuff" in reference to something I had posted. I was like "Thanks but I'm a girl." No sooner than that did I have three guys attacking me and calling me a poser. They were accusing me of "faking" it because girls don't like horror movies and anyone could have "googled" the information I provided.  

Did I go to twitter and whine about it? Did I start a blog called "ThisIsHorrorMovieMalePrivilege"? Did I feel the need to write some massive response to them about feminism, equality, sexism, and women? No. I didn't do ANY of those things. What did I do? I kept posting on that forum like those idiots never said anything to me and didn't pay attention to them. There were only three of them anyway and bascally no one listened to them besides themselves. The most attention I gave them was, "Yeah I really care if some idiots on the internet think I'm a poser or not". Then I moved on with my life. This has happened before on message boards or even in real life for various reasons. Every time it's happened to me it's been random strangers and I could care less what a stranger thinks of me. Yet feminists equate this behavior to some sort of massive conspiracy to demean women everywhere and any time a man shows any sort of bias towards a woman for any reason, it's like all women are damned for eternity because one dumbass has one dumb opinion. It's really not a big deal.  

Feminists are constantly blowing these instances of sexism, or perceived sexism WAY out of proportion. You will find blogs like "AboutMalePrivilege" that take an instance of one guy being mean and equate it to all men. Usually it's stories about how a girl dated one jackass ergo all men are jackasses. Feminists overreact on such a massive scale that people currently think that sexism is a real problem, that it even reaches to the level of oppression. It doesn't. No one denies that sexism can happen, and it can be bad. No one denies that in some situations sexism can cause discrimination or create problems in the workplace. However, the more you blow the instances of minor/stupid sexism out of proportion, the less anyone is likely to take instances of real sexism seriously.