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The other day on twitter I posted a statement about how I was glad Dana Scully is a fictional character because Gillian Anderson has become a radical feminist. I've always known that Gillian was somewhat a feminist but it hasn't been until recently that she's been making ignorant and brash statements about hating men and the poor oppressed women. I found a compilation of her recent feminist quotes and posted that along with the tweet. I also tweeted it to her account which, by her own admission, she doesn't really use nor intend to use. She said most of the time other people will be using it for her and she might be on once in a while. Of course, as such, a bunch of her teenage fan girls saw the tweet and went nuts on me. Other than the girl who some how equated the use of the word "retard" to slurring rape victims:

Who deleted this tweet and then blocked me after she said it once I asked her how using that word slurred rape victims, there was another. I guess I'd call her queen of the idiot feminist assholes. One of her "friends" was bothering me. She was trying to prove to me that women were not equal and said something along the lines of rapists are allowed visitation rights to their children. I replied (with a source) showing her that men who are victims of rape are forced to pay child support to their rapists. She said that ONE instance of that happening doesn't prove anything, which is really, really ironic because that's exactly what feminists do. They take one or two instances of something happening and equate it to all women being victims or all men being rapists (which I pointed out to her). If that wasn't bad enough she went on to say she would have slit the throat of one of my followers then made her account private shortly after that so she couldn't be reported for a threat.

He didn't actually say anything too awful. She was complaining about the fact that I was using the word "retard" and all he did was point out her own logic which was "Men are rapists and killers anyway" which upset her because I guess her uncle died and was "mentally ill" and people called him a retard a lot? I don't know what the logic was but what he said wasn't awful he was just repeating her words back to her and she got violent. However at the top of this list is a girl I interacted with who was quite possibly the most amazing moron to date. The first thing she tweets to me is this:

That I am "STOOPID" because I do not agree with Gillian Anderson being a radical feminist. So I retweeted it and she yells at me telling me she "Fucking knows how to spell the word stupid". Now at some point for some reason, and I really don't remember why, she mentioned something about feminism in conjunction with her mother having 5 failed pregnancies before she had her. I snapped back "Well it should have been 6 because you aren't making anyone proud right now". After that she spent about 7 tweets whining that I was the devil because I told her she shouldn't have been born then told me that if I wanted people to be nice and listen to me I shouldn't insult them first, when literally the first three tweets she ever sent me were insults. Can dish it out but can't take it. So I put her on mute for a long while, as I didn't want to deal with her whining about how I said she shouldn't have ever been born. Cut to about a few hours later, she's still on mute but one of my other followers is talking to her and I see that she claims she's contacted the police in Cleveland to report me.

The closest thing I ever said to her was that I wish she hadn't been born, I never told her to kill herself nor did I make any statements that she should harm herself. Unlike her friend who she was defending who told my follower she would have slit his throat. This girl seemed to think me insulting her after she insulted me three times was police report worthy.

She kept insisting that me saying I wish she hadn't been born was a crime. I asked her what she even said to police because she didn't know my legal name or my address or anything like that. Of course this one seemed to have a response for anything I said when I asked her what she specifically told police this was her response:

Keep in mind I had her on mute for hours I was only seeing what she said because I had about 4 other followers in the mix talking to her as well. I didn't block her just muted her because she had the habit of sending me 700 tweets in like 2 minutes. Then she starts claiming I'm harassing her (my other followers as well). At this point I explained to her how to block people (as she hadn't even blocked me yet) and she told me to go to hell.

In the end I learned a very valuable lesson. Not only has Gillian Anderson become a very disgusting radical feminist who I can no longer have any actual respect for, but her fan base has deteriorated into vicious little teenage feminist bimbos who don't know when to shut up and think that someone being mean to them on twitter is grounds to call the police. Or at least pretend they did, as if that's going to scare me...