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#BlameOneNotAll Was Started Months Ago Under #NotAllMen

Anti-Feminism, Social MediaMonica EdwardsComment

Not too long ago there was a feminist hashtag called #YesAllWomen because all women are victims or some shit and all men are rapists. I don't really get the logic but feminists passed around this stupid statement as if it made any sense.

After that point, anti-feminists were passing around the hashtag #NotAllMen trying to explain that not all men were rapists. Feminists lost their shit explaining that if you tweet #NotAllMen you are some kind of loser or you advocate rape. This was going on (and is still going on to some extent) as feminists are bent on making rape a gendered issue. Except now a hashtag has started called #BlameOneNotAll. It's feminists trying to do their own #NotAllMen hashtag but they are really still only making rape about themselves. Still making it a gendered issue. Now all they are doing is holding up signs basically saying "not all men are rapists" but putting their own hashtag on it because apparently #NotAllMen is the "wrong" hashtag and made no sense before.

Feminists are still claiming rape is a gendered issue, they are still claiming only men are rapists. All this dumb hashtag is, is repeating the #NotAllMen tag which wasn't good enough for them in the first place even though it's exactly what anti-feminists were trying to accomplish in the first place. I don't understand what kind of mentality drives these women to behave this way, creating a "new" hashtag that's the same as one anti-feminists already came up with (and months ago) but now the feminists are being "praised" for their "awesome ingenuity" when the people who were already saying this are still being treated like scum because we don't follow feminism. What kind of bullshit is that?