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Your Guide To Feminist Buzzwords

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists absolutely love to use buzzwords (or phrases) and here is a nice list of the most overused ones and what they mean. At least what they mean to feminists not what they mean in the real world.

Patriarchy: The system that feminists made up that everything can be blamed on so they don't have to take responsibility for anything. It harms men too so even though it's run by men, it doesn't matter. Everything you can think of can be blamed on this fictional institution.

Misogyny: Anything feminists don't like in relation to treatment of women. Literally anything. Fantasizing about a woman, looking at a woman, desiring a woman, loving a woman, hating a woman, hitting a woman, movies/tv/video games. This word can be applied to all of it.

Internalized Misogyny: A woman who doesn't agree with feminism or enjoys activities that feminists do not approve of (Porn/Video games/Cooking/General Housewife activities) if you are a woman and you like men or like taking care of men or want to be with men or want men to desire you, you suffer from this without question.

Sexism: This word is interchangeable with misogyny and they are usually used in conjunction with each other. You will see them both used in the same sentence a lot but there is basically no difference between the two. 

Rape Culture: Anything and everything that makes a woman feel even slightly uncomfortable. It can be anything from actual physical assault to being looked at the wrong way. Sadly this term is mostly used in the very harmless sense of the word "That book promotes rape culture even though we have no actual evidence that it's causing any rape". Most of the time what feminists define as rape couldn't be farther away from rape.

Sexual Harassment: Asking a woman on a date, complimenting a woman, buying her a drink, talking to her, approaching her, disagreeing with her, reblogging her posts on tumblr when she doesn't want them reblogged...and the like. (This also is defined as just plain old regular harassment)

Feminism: A movement that is totally about equality and if you question this (because it's not about equality) you will be sent the definition 1000 times as if this will some how change the meaning of the words in the definition.

Cishet Male: A man who is heterosexual and not transgender. Usually this has the word "white" in it. To a feminist this is automatically the worst thing in the universe to be even though the vast majority of males are cishet. If you are not white you may get a tiny bit more of a pass but not by much. Being white and cis is the worst thing you could ever be. (This also preempts the word SCUM most of the time)

Dudebro/neckbeard: Other commonly used insults to describe anyone who doesn't agree with a feminist. Literally anyone, including other females. As if you do not agree with a feminist you are presumed a male and even providing evidence to the contrary is not enough proof for them to stop calling you a man or continuing to accuse you of being a man pretending to be a woman.

Fedora: The uniform of a man who will ultimately rape/beat/kill a woman. If a man is wearing a fedora he's 100% dangerous stay away. Also women do not wear fedoras ever because all women hate fedoras and no woman is stupid enough to wear one.

Wage Gap: Number one argument to disprove anyone who says feminism is useless even though through numerous studies over decades this has been proven false. Cishet white men do these studies so clearly they are all wrong, only feminists do them correctly. Use wage gap any time anyone questions anything feminist related.

#GamerGate: A terrorist organization that is super fucking dangerous but also some how consists only of about 300 men who never leave their houses and are intent on destroying all women by enjoying video games.

Logic: Feminists do not understand this word, any time they use this word replace it with the word feelings because they don't use logic they only ever go with how they feel. Trust me, feminism is where logic goes to die.

I'm sure there are far more phrases and words I am missing but these are the ones lobbed at me most consistently. They are important to know and keep in mind when dealing with feminists because things can become very confusing if you don't understand the current terminology. Do not let feminists trip you up or guilt you with their words or behavior. These definitions are what they are implying when they use these words/phrases so there is no need to get upset, just realize you are dealing with perpetual children throwing tantrums and you'll be able to keep your wits about you.