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The Feminist Idea Of Objectification Doesn't Exist

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards1 Comment

Not too long ago my roommate was in a debate with a feminist that runs a bookstore near here. We'll call her Lana. I know who she is and had talked to her before but I really didn't like her so I tried to avoid her. My roommate likes to debate with her because it usually stays civil. Though I can civilly debate with people, Lana had rubbed me the wrong way from the very first moment I met her and I had decided it was best not to talk to her any longer. I came in to get him, because we were headed out to dinner after that point and I was hungry. I heard what they were debating about and it irked me.

The male gaze and objectification. Lana looks at me, as if because I'm a female I'm automatically going to take her side. I said "Objectification is harmless." This wasn't something she was happy with. She says to me, "What?" I said, "Look, there is no denying that people do it, and not just men, but it's not harming anyone. How does it harm anyone?" She got upset and like any radical feminist immediately put words into my mouth, "Are you saying objectification doesn't exist?" Yes, in real life feminists can be just as bad as the ones on tumblr or twitter. I laughed and said, "No, I didn't say it doesn't exist, I said it's harmless. How is a man looking at porn or going to a strip club to see naked girls harming anyone? Women choose to do these jobs and if men like that, who gives a shit?" It wasn't soon after that, that she started to spout faulty rape statistics at me. The 1 in 4 thing, when I tried to dispute that she basically told me to fuck off and was super pissed that a woman was saying these things to her. Of course she could understand my roommate saying them, as he's a "disgusting man" but the NERVE of a woman to defy her "logic". We were both kicked out of the bookstore promptly and have not been back.

This is not something that is actually happening, at least not on a large scale that feminists want to claim it is. Now, I can understand that when a PERSON fantasizes about another PERSON they are basically objectifying them. Basically. That person becomes an object in their minds. A fantasy to manipulate, control, whatever. Women do it just as much as men but of course feminists don't call it objectification when they do it, OR they say it doesn't matter when women do it since the behavior is so harmful to women. However, in the literal sense of the word this is not going on. Not on some massively institutionalized scale and not only to women.

Obviously certain lifestyles/kinks would cause this to happen. Surely there is a fetish for this with any type of gender. 9 times out of 10 people behaving this way are choosing to do it. Then of course you do have the random mentally disturbed person who does it. The stalkers and the murderers and rapists. Yet this isn't the vast majority of the public. The act of objectification is actually and actively treating a PERSON like an OBJECT. Reading a magazine, watching porn, having a fantasy is not at all related to objectification because it's all happening in the mind. Nor does it lead to the behavior. Just as there are no connections to video games causing violence/sexism there is no evidence of porn leading to people actually objectifying other people. I obviously cannot deny that on some occasions in some groups for different reasons the literal practice does happen it most certainly isn't what the feminists will tell you it is. On the larger scale it's completely harmless and usually beneficial.

When women are "objectified" they are making money. Women choose to be in porn magazines or exotic dancers, models, or actresses and yes they are making money at it. The same could very much be said about men. In the main stream media the men and women getting into these jobs know exactly what it means. They are profiting from it. The people who are viewing such media are living out fantasies and being entertained. As I said, mutually beneficial and harmful to no one. If someone comes to harm due to a mentally ill person, it wasn't the media that caused this behavior, it was the mental illness. As much as feminists claim they want women to be empowered, and be in charge of their own bodies, they also pretty much demand women do not use their bodies in this way. Objectification as defined by feminists is complete nonsense and to portray it in the way they do is desperately immature and incredibly hypocritical. It's best to keep in mind here what's going on and the actual logic in these situations. Don't feel bad for looking at porn or having a fantasy, you aren't the problem, it's the feminists. It's time for this to stop.