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Feminist Logic: Teach Criminals Not To Commit Crime!!!

RapeMonica EdwardsComment

I was scrolling through tumblr and found this interesting post which I'd like to discuss:

What is this trying to prove? Well I'll tell you exactly what I thought when I read it. After a night where a bank owner decided he wasn't going to lock up his bank, and comes back to find he's robbed, and calls the police, well guess what would happen? The police would tell him he was stupid. Very stupid. They'd also ask what in the hell possessed him to leave his doors unlocked as well as the safe because he knows it's a fucking bank and there is a lot of money in there. That's practically just asking to be robbed. Are the police still going to take the report? Yes. Did the thief still commit a crime? Yes. Will the man still be arrested and charged with robbery? Yes. Does that make the bank owner any less of a victim? No. However, it does show a very poor lapse in judgement and the police (as well as the world) is going to tell him he was a fucking moron for doing it.

This is why this question was asked. This is what it's trying to prove. Though there isn't 100% certain indication that a woman will be raped based on what she is wearing (or not wearing) there is indication that women dressed a certain way are more likely to be targeted. Does this make it right? No. However, this does indicate that the victim plays a role in their own crime, whatever crime they may have been a victim to. Feminists, especially, believe in taking no personal responsibility for anything. For any reason. I am not saying it's ever right for anyone to rape anyone else, however in a situation such as a naked woman walking down the street one might wonder what ever in the world possessed her to do that. One might think it was a stupid fucking thing to do and yeah, that's a normal reaction. If you hear about a naked woman being raped because she was walking down the street naked, versus a nun getting raped by some random rapist, who are you going to have more sympathy for? Are both of them victims of rape? Yes they are. However, one of them was naked as day and the other is a nun. Under no circumstances is it okay to rape but what's going on here is that the general reaction from people is that the girl who went out of her way to display her assets looked more appealing.

Just as normal people aren't going to walk into an unlocked bank and rob it because it's easier, normal people aren't going to rape someone based on clothing or lack of clothing. It may surprise feminists to realize that plenty of men can look at naked or scantly clad women and never even have the urge to rape them. You know has an urge to rape people? Rapists. You know who actually rapes people? Rapists! I agree that it could be argued that a person may decide to rob a bank based on easy access. Someone who before thought "I can't rob a bank that would be way too hard" may suddenly decide because the bank is open and unguarded they are going to rob it. Just as someone who has decided not to rape MAY be triggered into raping a naked woman walking alone on the street. The key word here is MAY not WILL. Because this is a hard one to figure out. It all comes down to human psychology which can be very unpredictable.

The fact of the matter is, believe it or not, most people in society have morals and know right from wrong. The other day I was in a Walmart bathroom and someone left a very nice smartphone in one of the stalls. My immediate thought was "Whoever left this is going to be upset" and I took it to an attendant. Most people would react that way. Some people may consider keeping it but still take it to an attendant, which is also normal. It's only a small percentage of people who would keep it and never tell anyone. Yet, if that phone was stolen I could completely understand why someone would call that woman stupid for not keeping better track of her phone.

The fact that laws, jails, and punishments exist don't stop criminals. If that were the case then we'd see no rate of crime at all. Criminals commit crimes because they don't care. Their morals are skewed or they just straight up don't have morals. No one is saying it's okay to rape, but dressing a certain way MAY provoke SOME rapists. Not ALL of them but common sense dictates that YES it may play a part. That's what the original poster was trying to prove. Not that it's okay to rape anyone but what feminists routinely see as victim blaming is a normal part of the human reaction. What feminists need to realist that in SOME crimes people DO play a part in being victim to them. That doesn't mean they are not a victim but there are reasons certain crimes happen, regardless of what they are. Feminists and women in general do not get to live in this blameless bubble where they are never EVER responsible for what they do. I personally wouldn't ever want to live in a world like that. It's not fair.