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Go Fund MeMonica EdwardsComment

I really don't like asking for donations. I understand there is a donate button up top here but I don't really ask for them. I figure if people want to donate they will and I do get donations and trust me they help a lot. It costs money to host this site as well as do other things (and yes all your donations go towards bills to help me function). The problem I am facing right now, is that I desperately need to overhaul my YouTube video quality. I have the knowledge in this, as in editing wise and filming I just don't have the equipment. This can become insanely frustrating at times because I know how to do exactly what I want/need to, in order to make a better quality video but I do not possess the ability. As such I'm asking people to make donations in way of me making better YouTube videos. This is going to be a one time only post (and one time only video when I do it) it will not be continuous begging. Eventually, I'm sure I'll be able to make the updates myself one way or another but donations would very much help me get there faster.

The goal is only 2,500. I say that as if it's a small amount of money. I suppose compared to what other people are asking maybe it is? I know that it's really all I would need to get a better camera and computer at this point. Obviously more than my goal is always better but it is what it is. I hope that if you are able to and you enjoy my videos you'll support me. Even if you don't I'm going to keep making them and for free. I would greatly appreciate the help and I DO completely appreciate all the help I've gotten thus far (which is a lot). So support a good cause, help someone out, or just support me by watching my videos. You don't really have to do anything it's merely a suggestion. In any case, thanks for your support so far and thanks for your continuing support.

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