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Feminists have become obsessed with closing gender gaps. That's usually something where there is a gap in an activity that men enjoy verses women. For example, feminists think that if there is 200 doctors, 100 of them MUST be women. They don't care otherwise. They think that everything should be 50/50 regardless of talent/ability/education. They are intent on making everything equal even when the women available for said jobs aren't even qualified. If 50% of something is male oriented then the other 50% better damn well be female oriented. I understand why, in theory, this is important. However in theory communism works. In theory free market works. In theory a lot of things work but in practice not everything works. Now it's come down to closing gender gaps on things that completely do not matter. That have no actual sexism. Feminists have stopped worrying about actual problems and have gone on to complain about things that would never be problems if they just ignored them. For instance:

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Now they are complaining that money is sexist because we only have presidents on it. All the presidents in history have been male. In other countries, yes there are women on currency but those are countries that have had female leaders. Such as any money that the queen appears on. This makes sense. This was someone who was a LEADER. A historical figure who also was in charge of government in one way or the other. It's not about gender, this is about who was in charge. I know, I know, history is totes sexist because ha ha white men have all the power. Yeah well guess what this is history. Like it or not these white men everyone now hates established this country that everyone now loves and wants to live in. Damn those shitty old white men though cause the fuck do they know about anything? Seriously, no women on money is a problem now? This is a battle you are going to choose to fight? 

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Then you have puff pieces like this which talk about gender gap in pot smoking. Seriously? How does this effect any one in any way? At all? So what if more men are into doing it? What is even the problem? The woman who wrote this article says that it doesn't really matter but then immediately contradicts herself by also saying it does matter:

So no, I don't think the fact that men smoke more pot than women is a problem, in and of itself, that needs fixing. But the fact that men don't feel guilty about firing up a joint and playing Call of Duty while women think they should be spending that time on "worthwhile" activities perhaps bears a little more interrogation.

Also, I'm not sure where she's getting this idea that men aren't judged for pot smoking either. Just about everyone is going to get a sideways glance for being a "worthless pothead". Men get it just as much as women. Apparently in this world that Amanda lives in, men are always completely excused from smoking pot and no one ever calls them a loser for doing it. Are we really saying that now? Because that's not what's happening. I'm sorry that maybe once YOU were judged and your boyfriend wasn't but holy hell that's not even the reality of the situation.

Meanwhile, over in the real world, there are serious gender gaps. You wouldn't know about them though, because they have nothing to do with harming women. These gender gaps severely harm men. Since feminists don't give a flying rat's ass about men, they don't talk about these things. Don't let feminists fool you into thinking their movement is about equality, when it isn't. For example, there is a huge gender gap in education these days. 

In this video (War On Boys) by Christina Hoff Sommers, she discusses the huge gender gap between females and males and why males are being ignored. This is an actual problem. Women are more likely to go to college these days. Men are more likely to drop out of school. This is because schools cater to females not to males. This is a serious problem and yet what are the comments you are going to find on this YouTube video? That's right, a bunch of feminists whining about OMG WHAT ABOUT THE WOMEN? This entire video is about how women are treated better than men in school and feminists STILL don't seem to get the point of it. 

We also have the problem of the eating disorder gender gap. No, it's not okay that anyone has an eating disorder, but who is less likely to be diagnosed? Males. Because doctors actually think that eating disorders are a woman's only issue. As such, even though eating disorders are prevalent in males, they get less help for it because the world refuses to recognize that men can have eating disorders. Even trained professionals are in denial of this. 

Doctors are reportedly less likely to make a diagnosis of eating disorders in males than females. Other adults who work with young people and parents also may be less likely to suspect an eating disorder in boys, thereby delaying detection and treatment. A study of 135 males hospitalized with an eating disorder noted that the males with bulimia felt ashamed of having a stereotypically “female” disorder,

Then we have the gender gap in prison sentencing. Other than the fact that feminists want no jail time, whatsoever, even for women who commit crimes, women are already sentenced far less harshly. Women are literally getting away with murder because of how unfair the sentencing is on females. Some women are only getting a few months. Some get no time at all. With defenses that rely on PMS or PMDD or postpartum depression, women are walking away. If a male committed these same crimes and tried to use the defense that they were just "too emotional" guess what would happen? Everyone would ignore it. Female pedophiles also get lighter sentencing and feminists have been known to publicly defend female rapists. Especially because they have the idea that women can't rape anyone. 

In the world of feminism, they are fighting for things that really have no baring on society. Things that will not and do not actually effect women. They scream that these things are completely unfair but then go out of their way to cry about things like how no women are on money. At the same time they spout on and on about equality and how they care about men. Can you honestly take a group seriously when actual problems are being ignored in favor of hurt feelings?