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If You Reject Feminism, You Hate Yourself...

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

I am no stranger to seeing this argument. That women who reject feminism are in fact self hating women. They are also women who are against equality or other women having any sort of rights. I was under the impression that feminism was about equality and the right for a woman to choose what she did with not only her own body, but own mind. However, since feminism has become like a cult this isn't the case. Feminists do not like women who reject feminism. At all. I see this every single day and I get called out on it a lot. Possibly one of the more stupid examples is something that just happened to me on Twitter. There was a girl who tweeted something stupid and feminist as always:

I won't deny that this is a valid point to some extent, however she's a feminist. I ask her why doesn't she get her tubes tied? Why is it only a man's responsibility? (As seen here)

The only thing she replied with was:

Why do I hate myself? Uh...not sure what part this is in reference to. Is she implying I hate myself because I reject feminism? Is she implying that I hate myself because I would get my tubes tied? Is she implying that I hate myself because I think women should be just as responsible over birth control as men are? What part of my question at all denoted that I hate myself and why would you respond that way to my question?

Feminists are against male birth control, as in a pill men could take in order to make their sperm non-viable. One of their biggest arguments is that men would lie about taking these pills and be knocking up girls left and right. Considering the fact that women already lie about taking birth control on their own and use pregnancy to trap men into relationships, I think their hypocrisy is showing. There are even women selling positive pregnancy tests online with instructions on how to use them to fake a pregnancy to keep a man around. Telling them that when he starts to get suspicious just fake a miscarriage because he's never going to know anyway. Then he'll stay around to comfort you or you can see how serious he really is or some stupid feminist bullshit like that. 

I don't know why any part of the question I asked was an indication that I hate myself. I don't expect to get an answer from her either. Feminists already think that women who reject feminism are battered women, or are doing it for male approval. They assume that women who don't like feminism are morons who just don't understand what feminism is. They are all a part of this hive mind mentality that is threatened the moment a woman says "Hey, feminism is awful and not for me" yet claim they are the independent thinkers. To be clear, if a feminist want to believe because I reject feminism, I hate myself, then let them. It's always going to be my opinion that THEY are the self hating women, considering how feminism goes out of it's damn way to portray the female gender as weak and worthless.