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Freedom Is A Two Way Street

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As of late there has been a huge uproar about a pizzaria that said that they probably wouldn't cater a gay wedding. Well okay, so what? You see I don't get this whole thing honestly. People being forced to do shit like this. As a person who isn't even heterosexual herself, I still believe that any private business is allowed to refuse service to anyone they want for any reason. Do I agree it's shitty to discriminate? Yes, of course. Do I think it's a good idea? No, I do not. However, there shouldn't be any reason that anyone is forced into serving a specific type of customer they don't want to serve. If they keep behaving that specific way, eventually there will be a point where they realize "Hey, my behavior is shitty, maybe I better stop acting like a dick or close up shop". Which one do you think they are going to decide to do first, especially if they are running their own business?  

For one, and most importantly, forcing homophobics to serve homosexuals will not make them appreciate homosexuals more. Keep this in mind, they already hate homosexuality. They are morally against it and are repulsed by it. As is their right, by the way. Now, in order to some how make them more tolerant of this situation you are going to legally compel them to serve these people? Do you not realize what that's going to do? Because I'm 99% sure that no one has ever gotten a court summons or fine and thought "Gee now I'll be happy to serve X group that I hate, I see the light!". If anything, this will make homophobics even more phobic. It will give them fuel to use against gay people. It will just cause them to scream and rant more about how horrible that group is.  

For two, if a person doesn't want to serve you, why the hell do you want to force them? I'm sorry but I really wouldn't want (or trust) a food service to cater my event if they didn't like my group. Other than the fact that the food could end up being prepared horribly it could also end up being prepared dangerously. It could not arrive on time. It could "accidentally" fall on the floor right before its supposed to be served. Sent to the wrong location. Really, you are going to trust this person that hates your gay wedding to serve food at your gay wedding? What kind of idiotic logic is this? THIS PERSON HATES ME SO CLEARLY WHEN THEY SERVE ME FOOD IT WILL BE THE BEST QUALITY FOOD THEY CAN PROVIDE! No. It really doesn't work that way. 

If a business is private they should be allowed to refuse service to anyone for any dumb reason they want. Obviously, this day and age it isn't a good business practice. People will sniff out bigots, racists, and homophobes very quickly. Sometimes boycotts are organized or bad press alone will kill that organization. However, that's how it's supposed to work. The market will eventually even itself out. That's what is the best practice for these situations. Just as these people should be able to refuse service to gays, gays should be able to refuse service to straight people. Once again, horrible business practice, and no one here is claiming this isn't a total asshole move on a business owner's part, but that's how it works.  

Honestly, the older I get, the more I see the level of self entitled spoiled fucking people demanding things that they have no right to be demanding. More and more these days when people get offended, it's not just a passing feeling it's a whole damn lawsuit. Whatever happened to taking a fall, standing up again, and moving on? How in the world can people behave this way? Life isn't fair, it just isn't, and freedom is a two way street. Which people also seem to forget. The same freedoms that allow you to say and think whatever it is you think, allows the people who oppose you to say and think whatever they think. I'm allowed to say that you are acting like a bunch of whiny, spoiled, petulant children, and you are allowed to say I'm some kind of bigot. I mean that's what this is all about right? Choice. Freedom.  

What it's coming down to more and more these days is "Freedom to do what is most politically correct and will offend the least amount of people". It shouldn't be that way. What it should actually be is you know, what I've said all along, judging people on behavior. If a PERSON (regardless of race/gender/sexual orientation) is being a DICK then you owe them NONE of your time. If a PERSON (regardless of race/gender/sexual orientation) is treating you with civility then it behooves you to treat them the same way. If we all just get on the same boat and stop acting like shit heads, this society could actually work. Forcing people into catering to groups they don't like, will only strengthen the hate they have for that group. This is backwards, gradeschool mentality now applied to the adult real world. The bottom line is, EVERYONE JUST NEEDS TO STOP BEING DICKS TO EVERYONE ELSE. If we treat people according to how they treat us, then so many problems would be solved. Getting hung up on labels and what group supports who isn't taking us forward, it's driving us back.