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Tumblr Feminist Goes Full Psycho

Anti-Feminism, Social Media, TumblrMonica Edwards1 Comment

As people know, I greatly love showcasing the mentally insane people I meet on social media. The other day I met a feminist who takes the cake. She threw every cliche in the book at me and got very upset when I devalued her precious echo chamber known as tumblr. Lets take a look see:

This all started when I was saying that feminists on tumblr aren't real feminists. That it's not true activism. So she goes on to claim that I'm being elitist because I don't understand the medium that they are working through. I told her that tumblr isn't activism it's an echo chamber for stupid people and there is a difference.

I try to explain to her that being online, posting pictures of manspreading and whining about first world problems isn't activism. She gets more and more upset with me and then throws in the whole "You are only doing this for male approval" cliche.

She also insisted that I was being ageist because I told her to go back to her tumblr blog and to leave the adults alone. If you aren't aware of what ageism is, it's what children say when they know they've lost an argument and think that adults are oppressing them. They believe it's wrong to put a child in their place and correct them because children are always 100% as capable and as smart as adults and there is no reason not to treat them as adults.

True to ignorant feminist form, she then fails to realize how stupid she's being or at very least fails to realize what the hell she's saying when she basically agrees that feminism is everything that anti-feminists say it is:

I told her that I had things to do and I was putting her on mute, about 5 seconds later, rapid fire she slams me with these tweets:

I had her on mute but my other followers were tweeting her and so when I was replying to them her name was tagged in the tweets cause I really don't give a shit. She then goes on to rant about how anti-feminism is such a "snore"

Even after explaining to her that I was in a relationship with a woman and I didn't need male approval she places me in a nice catch-22 box and claims I'm using my partner as a token in order to be a gross anti-feminist or something:

She also went on to favorite and retweet several tweets that were insulting her that she mistook for someone insulting me. And of course the original girl who bothered me, came out of the woodwork to proclaim that Peach Sprite is her goddess or some shit:

All in all this conversation is a perfect display of how incredibly stupid, immature, vile, hateful, and ignorant feminists are. Especially when you try to question their precious little hugbox known as tumblr. Peach Sprite walked away from this thinking that she some how taught me a lesson. She went on to start proclaiming her love for LGBTQ people and then complain about how much allies suck because NO MOVEMENT EVER GOT ANYWHERE WITH ALLIES! In the end, this is just more fuel for me to hate feminism. If this is their great tactic to try to educate and convert people, I suppose they should try harder.