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Stop Tumblr Fictional Sexualities!

TumblrMonica Edwards1 Comment

Straight girls on tumblr have an annoying problem with inventing sexual orientations so they can feel more oppressed than they actually are. Because what it comes down to is most of them are some sort of boring, every day sexuality (usually hetero) they have to tack on other words to define themselves and confuse people into thinking they are oppressed. Though at this point the list of these made up sexualities is a mile long, there are a few I take exception to because they are so stupid:

Demisexuality: This sexuality (which by the way was completely 100% invented for a roleplaying game back in the early 2000's) says that you can only have sex/be attracted to someone you are emotionally connected with or romantically in love with. It states that you will not have sex with a complete stranger. You know like 99% of the human race won't. It doesn't indicate in any way what gender you are attracted to, it's a personal preference. A preference that MOST of the universe has. Obviously there are some people who get off on the idea of having sex with a complete stranger, so we can't discount them, but wanting to have an emotional connection with your sexual partner isn't unique nor is it an orientation. It's a preference.

Lithsexuality: This one is defined as not wanting or needing a person that you are in love with to return your feelings towards them. It's basically turning being a stalker into a sexual orientation. Once again it doesn't denote any sort of gender preferences at all, so it doesn't tell anyone who you are attracted to just what you are looking for in a partner. It's also really fucking creepy. Given the fact that the majority of blogs on tumblr are girls lusting after middle aged male celebrities old enough to be their fathers, they have basically turned obsessive behavior into a sexual orientation. Which is completely isn't.

Sapiosexual: This one says that you are attracted to intelligence. People who are smart turn you on. Once again, not a specific gender of person but just a person who is smart. This was a big thing on tumblr for a while until tumblr also decided that this was ableist because not all people are smart and if you are only attracted to smart people then you are discriminating against dumb people so you just straight up aren't allowed to be this sexual orientation any more. Or straight for that matter or cisgender. Hell basically if you aren't a trans person of color then you might as well kill yourself right now (according to tumblr standards)

Of course these things lead into other stupid things like different genders people have. The first one I mentioned (demisexual) has been turned into Demiboy and Demigirl which are basically fancy ways of saying "Tom Boy" or "Tom Girl". People who may be a bit more genderfluid or a girl who "Isn't like other girls" and behaves in a more "male" way because she likes action figures and video games. That girl who constantly needs to remind you that she's not like everyone else because she doesn't wear makeup. I assure you this is an actual thing that is actually happening and people take completely seriously on that website.

What it boils down to is basically 99% of these demi people with weird sexual orientations that they completely made up, are actually boring straight girls who are pissed off that they aren't special snowflake enough to qualify for minority status. What they do instead is created sexual identities that no one has ever fucking heard of, that they will never use in real life, and then sit on the internet pretending that life is SO HARD for someone with a sexual orientation that is actually just a personal preference they have when trying to find a mate. All of this is a slap in the face to actual people who are actually in the LGBTQ community because what it does it make the universe less likely to take real issues seriously. Tumblr needs to be destroyed in a ball of fire, luckily since yahoo doesn't seem very happy with their investment (which they lost money on) hopefully all of this will be changing very soon.