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Best Of The Worst "I Need Feminism" Signs (Part I)

Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards1 Comment

I Need Feminism Because Signs would be a good idea if they actually made good points but instead they tend to whine about personal problems or things an ideology absolutely cannot help. So please enjoy this compilation:

"I need feminism because no means no but sometimes yes doesn't mean yes."

I already showed this one on another article I wrote about consent and rape hysteria. Feminists are constantly contributing to this problem by having this mentality. One that is utterly confusing and makes no sense. Considering the majority of women making these signs are on college campuses, that is a very scary prospect for a young man attending college. Mothers are now weary about sending boys to college because of the level of false rape accusations. This mentality right here, which feminism promotes, is probably the number one cause of the rape hysteria. Statements like this allow the woman to withdraw consent at any time or claim there never was consent even if there was. This is part of the problem. It has nothing to do with equality as feminists claim their movement is about.

"I need feminism because science toys shouldn't be in the boy's section."

This implies a lot of things. Such an open ended statement. For one, does she want all the science toys removed from the boys section and put in the girls section? Or does she think that ONLY science toys are in sections for boys? Growing up, as a young girl, I managed to get my hands on plenty of toys that were science related because I was interested in that stuff. Since that was back in the 90's I can't imagine it's gotten worse since then. Other than the fact that there are plenty of gender neutral play-sets for science, there are toys of this type geared for both boys and girls.

Even if there weren't, or there don't happen to be in that particular store, what's stopping you or a young girl from going into the boys section to get some? It's literally not the the patriarchy's fault that females are less interested in this stuff than males. If a girl wants to play with a science kit, by all means get her one, but more often than not, girls are going to be interested in dolls and other toys in the sections where they are placed. That's why they are placed there. Businesses do lots of studies to see what genders want. If they weren't selling to those genders, companies would stop making them. Next time, suck it up, walk to the boys section, and get the goddamn toy you want by yourself. It's not that hard.

"I need feminism because people still ask what the victim was wearing."

I can only assume that she means police. If she does mean police then she doesn't understand what investigative procedure is. When I was sexually assaulted and reported it to police they wanted to know what I was wearing. Not because they wanted to shame me for dressing like a slut, but they wanted to collect the clothing for evidence. Also, what someone is wearing during any crime (the victim or the perpetrator) is important. Why? Well because it is kind of necessary to get the entire story down, details. In this way people can ferret out lies and poke holes in the story if it's not true. You will be asked many, MANY personal questions about your sexual assault because THIS IS WHAT POLICE INVESTIGATION IS!

If she just means people, as in people in general, okay well for one, some people are assholes. Get over it. Yes, some people in this world still thinks that matters. Just because people think this doesn't mean they also think rape is okay or that they would rape someone, they just have a warped idea of morals. People are allowed to have ignorant and uninformed opinions without an entire political hate movement telling them what to think and why. Also, when people tell a story sometimes, you know, the person listening wants details. "What was she wearing" may be asked to get a better idea of the story and ultimately mean nothing. I don't see why feminism is needed for this.

"I need feminism because too much of history was written by white, bourgeois, heterosexual, cisgender men like me...!"

Where do I start with this one? What's wrong with being white, hetero, male or cis gender? Since when did all these things lumped together indicate that a crime was committed in some way? Other than the fact that male feminists are disgusting (as I've already touched upon here) now he's a white male apologist.

Secondly, yes of course a lot of history was written by white men. Too much of it? No. History is written by the victors. A lot of victors in the past were EUROPEAN MEN. However, there is a shit ton of history written by other races if you are so sickened by the stuff white men have written. There are historical texts other than things pertaining to England and America. Look at the wonderful history of India, China, Japan, Egypt...if you want to tell me there isn't plenty of history written by non-white males you are an idiot. This sign to me basically says that all this dude thinks is important is the "white male" version of things. Also how is feminism going to change this? Do they have a time machine? Can they go back and stop white men from doing white male things?

Why is it bad that none of these writers were gay/trans? What bearing does that have on their ability to write? To research? How is feminism going to change stories that were already told? Are these college assholes not aware that every single day people are going back, finding out things, and rewriting history? If they hate it that much then maybe they need to do it themselves! This isn't even an actual PROBLEM this is just a whiny bitch opinion and even if it WERE a problem, how in holy hell is feminism going to fix it?

"I need feminism because I'm tired of being called hysterical & over-sensitive."

Basically you need feminism because you never want to be criticized? She didn't even add "because I'm a woman" on here, she just wants people never to insult her. You know it's time to accept the fact that some PEOPLE are hysterical and over-sensitive (especially feminists). Plus, it's really time for women to stop acting like they don't change because they are on their periods.

Yes. Every woman changes in some way while they are on their period. Stop pretending that doesn't happen. Hormone levels change in your body when you are on your cycle, hormone changes cause emotional changes. This is a medical thing. It DOES happen. Some women experience it worse than others but it's time to stop denying it straight up. I do agree it's rude to play the "You're acting this way because you are on your period" card but at the same time, maybe if you actually stop denying that emotions do change while on your period then people would stop using that as fuel.

If you own up to what the fuck you are doing, people have little to nothing to say to you. Did this woman at any point stop to ask herself if maybe she DOES act this way? Because maybe THAT'S WHY people call her that. The existence of feminism isn't going to make her not hysterical and over-sensitive, all it's really going to do is ensure that women can never EVER be criticized for their fucked up behavior and personally,  I don't want to live in a world like that.

The whole #INeedFeminism movement and hashtag, boils down to a bunch of problems that don't exist, don't need fixing, or have logical solutions. Barring that, they come down to a bunch of things that deal with personal opinions or individual thought patterns that a hive mind of buzzing bees isn't going to change. What it comes down to is working on your own problems yourself. If you have such low self esteem that you feel you need an entire political group to help you over come your stupid little "fears" and short-comings then you aren't worth my time of day. Grow a spine, stand up for yourself, and own up to the problems YOU are causing because I guarantee it's not the patriarchy doing this to you and feminism isn't the saving grace feminists want people to believe it is.