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Feminism Has Become Synonymous With Victim-Hood

#GamerGate, Anita Sarkeesian, Anti-FeminismMonica Edwards1 Comment

I've been an anti-feminist for a long time. Obviously I think, but if people don't know I've been doing it for about three or four years now? In any case one of the biggest things I've noticed is how feminism has become about being a victim or portraying women as victims. The best case anyone could make for this is Anita Sarkeesian and what she does. She started her career by pointing out sexism in video games. More specifically sexism that she completely percieved herself in video games. Which, you'd think wouldn't be so popular. Mostly because of the fact that 100% of her arguments are complete bullshit. What makes them complete bullshit is that she speaks entirely on opinion not fact. Video games are fictional, entertainment media, that people either choose or don't choose to participate in. As such there is very little factual information on plots of video games.

Video games are not meant to be written as realistic depictions of life. At least not for the most part. Video games are about escapism and fantasy. Since this is the case you cannot judge a fictional plot of a fictional game on the reality of the universe. Anita some how made a career of convincing people that fictional worlds have something to do with reality. Even in the face of dozens of studies that actually show that videos games can actually help lower stress levels and even combat disorders like PTSD. She some how, used her own opinion to create facts. She created this huge lie, that because of fictional media, women in reality are at danger of being abused or murdered. 

Any logical, intelligent, forward thinking person would think this was insane and they do. However, who are her biggest backers? Who are the people who side with her the most? That's right. The feminists. The feminists love anything that makes them look like huge, weak, oppressed, victims. This is really the only argument needed at all because of how ridiculous Anita Sarkeesian is, literally making hundreds of thousands of dollars by inventing danger from complete fiction. Feminists threw money are her to make the oppression and danger that doesn't exist, go away. However, if this isn't enough of an argument for anyone to listen to, it gets even better.

Surrounding people like Anita are other female "gamers" like Brianna Wu and Zoe Quinn. One of them created a very shitty game. A game 100% full of everything she complains about. She doesn't like women with huge tits, who are white, and basically sex objects. What does she create? She creates that exact video game. White women with unrealistic bodies who are in skin tight outfits. Yet if you check out her twitter, what is she constantly complaining about? That same thing. If you listen to her in interviews, she complains about that too. When she creates it, it's the best thing ever, but when a white cis het male does it, it's totally sexist and wrong. As for Zoe Quinn she slept with journalists to get good game reviews and when she was exposed she cried about misogyny and sexism in the gaming industy, when what she did she brought on herself.  

So there are a bunch of women, creating real problems from fictional situations and EVERYONE is buying it. Especially feminists, followed by the media at large. It makes no literal sense that anyone would give them the time of day, let alone hundreds of thousands of dollars to invent these problems yet it's happening. These women constantly drone on and on about how we need things that empower women. That make young girls feel stronger. Good roles models and no damsels in distress, but how do these women make a living? They make a living by being exactly what they claim to hate. Damsels in distress. It's spreading too. It's spreading all over the place. Look around just this website and you'll see it. Look at twitter. Look at tumblr. Feminists are constantly acting like the most victimized group of people in the entire universe when literally everyone around them takes them seriously. Don't like clapping at an event because it triggers you? Everybody do jazz hands! Can't stand an opinion that differs from yours? Head into a safe room for counseling! Don't want to do any actual work for actual money? Get a twitter account, scream that guys looking at you is rape, and then link people to your kickstarter. Want to go to college and get a degree but you aren't smart? Gender studies is the plan for you! FEELINGS OVER FACTS EVERYONE! 

Of course there are people like me, thousands of people watching this happening going, WHAT THE FUCK? But the vast majority of the world cannot connect the dots. They are either idiots, scam artists, or too terrified of being branded "non politically correct" to stand up to these women. These women are exploiting EVERYONE. They are making up stories and profiting from them. Which wouldn't be so bad if they were actually classifying these stories as fiction or even as editorial. They aren't. What they are doing is presenting these things as cold, hard, facts. As actual things going on in the universe because of fictional media that NO ONE has to imbibe in if they don't want to.

To watch this happen, as a logical human being, the complete deterioration of soceity based on a bunch of lies women made up to make money, it's painful. It's devastating. Yet seemingly it's the best way in the universe to make money right now because there is no accountability. No one asks these women what they do with the money, there isn't any by the books reporting. There is generalizations. There are feminists who think this behavior is completely okay because obviously it takes hundreds of thousands of dollars to end fictional sexism. These are women comparing video game players to terrorists. These are women making up "facts" on the spot that are later used as actual facts. 1 in 4 women are raped, the wage gap exists, #GamerGate is a terrorist organization but also some how 300 white men living in their mother's basements.  

I don't know why people keep listening to them. I don't know why they aren't being held accountable for anything they are doing. I don't know how fraud charges and slander suits aren't slapping them in the face at every corner they turn. What I do know, is that feminism is now synonymous with professional victim-hood. If you don't believe me, it's just as easy as checking social media. It's right there, in plain sight, and the most frustrating thing ever is that only 5% of the universe seems to be able to see it.