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Despite being constantly teased for it, I'm pretty open about the fact that I was adopted. I lack the understanding of why someone would berate another person over that. Not sure why it's funny or insult worthy, or why adults even older than me would use it as fuel for an insult. I guess they think that it hurts my feelings to know I'm adopted? I dunno. They couldn't be more wrong though because considering who my adoptive family is I actually couldn't be happier. I'm very pleased to know I'm not at all related to the monsters that raised me. If this is honestly something you are going to tease someone over, beyond grade school, well you're the one who needs help not me.

That being said, after thirty years of waiting, I finally found out information on my biological parents. It was always out there it was just illegal or expensive to obtain until recently. In my state a law passed that allowed people who were adopted in my time period to see their birth records. For some reason before a certain year, all the adoption records were sealed and it was a pain in the ass to get into them. Before the point in which they were opened, I was looking at hundreds of dollars to pay and only to possibly get information as there wasn't much of any sort of guarantee that I would get something useful. I have been able to request the things I need and I got them.

The problem I face now is actually being able to use the information to find these people. At a certain point the trail goes cold and the most recent address I could find for my mother isn't where she lives. This doesn't mean she can't be found it just means that I've lost my ability to do searching which enters into hiring someone to do it for me. The good news is, considering the information I did receive there is a very positive chance that she wants to be contacted, the bad news is, the contact information I got for her is extremely outdated and since that's the case, I'm not sure where to go from this point.

The reason I'm posting this is that I don't know how much I'll be writing for this specific site in the next few days. Only because I am consumed with using all of the resources at my disposal to try to track down this woman. I don't exactly have enough money for a private investigator but I am resourceful. A lot of time and effort has to be put into this on my end so things are going to get neglected. I know I'm vague about any information I have, or how I have obtained it, but considering the fact that as previously stated, people love to use anything they can to insult me I'm not going to publicly post any names, dates, or important facts. I wish I could because this website gets a decent amount of traffic and maybe someone, somewhere would see it and they'd know who she was but the last thing I need is for that information to be used in an evil way as well.

After such a long time I'm very elated to know my real name, my mother's name, and details about my birth. My adoptive parents were complete assholes about it, and also told me quite a few lies surrounding who my birth mother was. I always suspected they were lying anyway because my adoptive parents were shitty people. So on that end it's good to finally find out the truth of my situation. The bad part in all of this is it's going to be hard to find this woman, and I've already considered the possibility that's she's dead. Not because it's likely but because, well it's just a possibility. It may come down to just dialing random phone numbers until I find someone with information. It won't be easy, but if I've proven anything over my time being an anti-feminist I'm not exactly one to take the easy route. So that's my latest news and update and I hope people can understand why I'm not so very attentive here, if that happens. For all I know I'll still keep writing every day. I am just uncertain as of now.