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Anti-Feminism Means Feminism?

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

The other day on my youtube channel, I got this comment. What this basically says is that because I'm anti-feminism I'm also feminism. It makes no literal sense. At all. However, it just goes to show that what I say is true. Feminists are overly desperate to recruit new people into their cult. Even to a point where they will go to an entire youtube channel filled with anti-feminist videos and tell a girl she's a feminist. The overly condescending and apologetic tone just reeks of immaturity and smacks of a great need to label everyone she can as a feminist. The idea that someone isn't a feminist hurts her brain so she has to justify it.  

Feminists absolutely cannot handle when someone is against them, especially women. I've already discussed how feminists say that if a woman doesn't align with them they must be doing it to catch a man, or because they are a battered woman. Feminists seem to go completely ape shit when a woman says "No, feminism is a disgusting hate movement that I will have no part of."  

They also seem to think that THEY are responsible for rights that first and second generation feminists won women. They think because we have the rights to do certain things (receive equal pay, vote, drive a car, own a business, get an education) that THEY are responsible for those things happening. Yes. These 20 something (and under) year old girls believe that they need to be thanked for accomplishments of feminists decades prior to them. I cannot stress how many times I've been told that by rejecting feminism, I am spitting in the faces of what other feminists have accomplished FOR me. As if I even could have had any part of it considering I was born in the 80's and the last time feminism was actually useful was back in the late 60's.  

These days the feminists want all of the credit for doing none of the work. They want to claim that because we have rights (that other women got for us AND it's still debatable how useful they were in attaining these rights) that they deserve some sort of pat on the back. Like many feminists, this one, seems to think that me being able to exercise my freedom of speech is something feminists accomplished for women. No. Freedom of speech was always covered for everyone. Feminists in no way "won" the right for women to speak freely.  There is a whole freaking amendment that protects freedom of speech and it doesn't just protect one gender.  

These little girls are constantly badgering me to be thankful for what other women have achieved in the past. They feel they are just as worthy of praise as women who actually worked for things. Sitting at home, retweeting propaganda, or running a tumblr blog while begging for donations isn't akin to what the women before them did. Yet, they have this idea that appropriating the label of feminism also gets them all the respect of every last woman who ever did anything in the past. I don't know who this girl is, and luckily she hasn't come back to my youtube channel to add in more nonsense but, I am pretty sick of hearing this crap. You cannot label someone a feminist just because they are a woman. Absolutely not. The fact that someone tried to label me, of ALL people a feminist, just because I have the right to make video rants on youtube, is proof positive of how ignorant the movement has become.