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The Reality Of #KillAllMen

Anti-Feminism, MisandryMonica Edwards3 Comments

I have decided to look at how the world might turn out if the feminists got their way. Feminists seem to think that the world would be better off without men. Or at least, a lot of feminists think this. Particularly this woman, who said if we reduce the male population by 90% we'd all be better off. Here's a look at what would happen if feminists like her got their way and suddenly 90% of the male population vanished or was killed.

First Lets Look At Male Dominated Professions:

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As we can see, men tend to dominate the jobs that are manual/hard labor. Utilities can be tied into things like electricity, plumbing, phone lines, cable, internet...things like that. Now, 72% of that area is male employees. That's more than half. Imagine a drastic cut to the male population and how that would effect service. Electricity and plumbing would immediately be extremely compromised. Even though there are women in those fields there aren't many. The demand for those workers would become greater than the supply, which would cause problems to pile up over and over and over until there was a great catastrophe.

Next is construction. Once again it's 72% male. These are people building and maintaining houses and other public buildings. People who would make repairs to roofs, windows, doors, and anything else building related. Cut out 90% of the male population and things will start to crumble around us. Though there will still be women working construction, once again, the demand of upkeep will far outweigh the actual supply of workers. Since the jobs are relatively simple, of course more women COULD help but it's very clear women are not interested in manual labor. Just by these stats alone. So the women who were forced into helping out of necessity, wouldn't even be that good at their jobs.

Of course you come to the very dangerous jobs. Mining, oil rigs, and working on gas lines. These jobs pay very well but there's a reason they are not female dominated. Without men to do these jobs suddenly it's not even going to matter if every last car on this planet is perfect because we will have a very, very limited supply of oil and gas. The majority of people going out there to reap these resources are males. Once again, women COULD end up being forced to join these teams but it would make for shoddy work. The more likely result would be hoarding and jacking up prices until only the richest of the rich could afford the finite supply. As eventually we'd run out since women wouldn't be very gung ho about going to get these things.

Then we come to manufacturing. This is something that everyone takes for granted. Forget all the nice purses and shoes you ladies get, but smaller things. Nails, screws, hammers, tape measures, basically all the materials people would need to construct a house or car, well that's mostly men too. Cut out 90% of the male population, supplies to maintain and fix vehicles will greatly plummet. The supply will become finite, just as the gas and oil would. There wouldn't be enough women to do these jobs unless, once again, they were FORCED into it. There also wouldn't be men to transport any of this stuff anywhere because, hell 90% of them are gone. I guess women can drive trucks and whatever, but how many of them are willing to do that?

Final Result:

If 90% of the male population was wiped out society would crumble. Maybe (for these feminists) it would be "nice" for a while, that is until they had to decide who to force into slave labor. Women would lose freedom of choice completely as they would be pushed into areas of labor and study that were NEEDED. There would be mass chaos, panic in the streets. Looting, riots, crumbling buildings, sewage overflow, and trash EVERYWHERE. Obviously there would still be SOME men left but would they really be willing to help any of us? If they are helping us, we are once again facing prisoner/hostage situations. We aren't facing happy men who happily want to help us, unless we are talking about the disgusting male feminists.

Killing all men (or most of them) also includes killing your father, your brother, your uncle, your cousins. Which some feminists don't even seem to realize when they say that. A lot of feminists have boyfriends, or male family members. What makes YOUR men exempt from this? Basically nothing. Who would be deciding what men die and what men live? Definitely not the common feminist. Just because you TOTES LOVE YOUR DAD SO MUCH doesn't mean feminists won't cull him for the good of the herd. Thinking this is a good idea is willingly sacrificing ALL MEN and THIS INCLUDES the ones that you love. You wouldn't get to pick and choose like you do with your arguments. They'd be gone. The ones that are "saved" you wouldn't even get to interact with  because they'd be used for hard labor purposes. Either way you are going to say goodbye to men, and then be forced into doing shit your own selves you don't want to do because MOST OF THE LABOR FORCE WAS JUST KILLED IN A MASS GENOCIDE.

The more I hear feminists scream to KILL ALL MEN the more I realize how immature and stupid they are. They don't have any actual solutions, and if this is a SERIOUS thing that they TRULY intend to do, then they are no better than Hitler and his Nazis. Yet for some reason, this phrase trends on social media, people speak freely on it, and we all know some women knowingly have in their head this to be the "final solution". We are doing nothing to stop it, even with the awareness that this is an actual thing some of them plan to do. Why are we allowing this to happen and all pretending that it's "just a joke"?