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Disgusting Male Feminists

Anti-Feminism, Male FeministsMonica Edwards2 Comments

Even with as much as I hate feminists, I cannot stand the men who identify as feminists as well. There are plenty of them too, they are sometimes referred to as white knights. They are the men who pop up to defend people like Sarkeesian any time she makes a video. Usually they are the pussy whipped second half of a relationship. Their girlfriend is somewhat hot or at least putting out regularly and they fear they can't do any better so it's best to just kowtow to what their girlfriend (or wife) tells them. Then they end up making fools of themselves defending a movement that is entirely about hating men.

Feminists are going to claim that it has nothing to do with hating men. They always drone on and on about equality for the sexes and if you bring up anything that proves to them that feminists hate men all they reply with is that feminists aren't like that. Or at least, the REAL ones aren't like that. As I discuss in one of my videos, yes all feminists are like that. It doesn't matter. Everyone who applies that label to themselves is a feminist. There needs to be some great erasure of this notion that there is some real feminist, because at the end of the day there isn't. They are ALL feminists.

Getting back to my original point, feminists hate men. Men should definitely know this by now. Most do, or at least I get that feeling considering that it seems my biggest demographic is male. Which I greatly appreciate and have no complaints about. In any case, if these men are aware of what feminists are saying about them, that makes them far more pathetic than the feminists themselves. Feminists at least have some sort of stake in all of this. They reap the benefits of the movement because they are women. Since feminism is about making women superior to men then there is nowhere to go but up. Yet you will find plenty of male feminists speaking on behalf of feminism and acting like they are feminists. There are even the severely self hating males who have been so browbeaten that at this point they actually think they are the worse scum in the universe.

Unless this is a fetish thing and they get off on it (and there are many reasons why a man might be into that in a sexual sense) the rest of them are just pathetic. Feminists are out there actively trying to curtail and end fair rights for men. They are getting rid of due process where they can for rape trials. They are forcing men to pay child support for children that aren't theirs. They are halting a birth control pill for men on the grounds that men might lie about taking it (sound familiar?). They are constantly trying to redefine rape as something only a man can do and then deny women would ever rape. Many of them think reducing the population of males by half would make the world a better place.

If men are doing this just to get sex out of a girl, that's pathetic. If men are doing this because they actually believe it, then that's more pathetic. Don't even get me started on the gay male feminists, who have even less benefits of being a part of this movement than the straight males. If there was ever any proof that feminists are part of a large cult, look no further than the one gender that cannot possibly ever benefit from being a part of that group, and realize there are far too many of them for it to be sane.