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Censorship Is Not The Answer

Anti-FeminismMonica EdwardsComment

Feminists seem to be huge advocates for censorship. Anything they don't like or believe causes harm should be banned from society immediately, less it harm the senses of other weakened women. For instance, not too long ago in Australia a video game (Grand Theft Auto 5) was banned because of it's harmful depictions of women. I believe this was only in the chain store Target but one step in the right direction if you ask them. Even with this new study that shows there is no link between sexism and video games (or video games causing sexism) people like Anita Sarkeesian will not back down on their crusade to change, censor, or halt video games all together. There is an important reason why censorship isn't the answer to really anything fictional and here's why.

Say Group X is offended by Rape Jokes. They demand that rape jokes be illegal to tell and anyone who tells them is fined and/or sent to jail. They claim (without much evidence) that rape jokes normalize rape and cause rape and can also trigger rape victims into some sort of PTSD frenzy so it's best if we just ban them all together. They pull together and rape jokes are banned.

Then Group Y comes along. This group is offended by dead baby jokes. They think that it's too serious of a subject to "joke" about and it may trigger people who have lost their children in some horrible way. It's unfair to force survivors of dead babies to hear these jokes. The judge decides that this is fine too, as dead baby jokes are disgusting so no one should be able to tell them and those jokes get banned.

Group Z decides that they hate fat jokes. They don't really have any reason why, other than it causes fat people to "feel bad about themselves". The court thinks this is a joke. They tell this group to GTFO because that's stupid. Fat jokes don't harm anyone. Except now, because Group X and Group Y got their way, it sets precedent. It gives Group Z the legal recourse to get jokes they hate banned because the first two groups were already successful.

This will continue with Groups A-P until the point where no jokes are allowed at all. Not because it makes much of any sense, but because the first two groups set a precedent. Once one thing is censored it only makes it easier and easier to censor everything else. Then everything gets censored and laughter as a whole becomes illegal because it's loud and could trigger people who don't like loud noises, then suddenly we are all using jazz hands to express laughter instead of communicating in a normal way.

Look,  won't pretend that I never get offended by jokes or the written word or opinions. It is my right to be offended. My right stops at that point, where I am offended. Being offended doesn't give you the right to change the behavior of other people. To put laws into place to say what is right and what is wrong. Wee have overwhelmingly proved that video games and sexism (as well as violence) have no actual connection with each other. In that case, continuing to try to censor this media doesn't do anything at all. In fact, it's probably just going to end up making people more angry and violent. Censorship doesn't stop things from happening, nor does it fix problems. If you want to fix something, you can do it, it just means making an effort. Since feminism has become all about catering to women when they get butt hurt and immediately at that, people seem to think banning things outright is the solution. All that really does it force the media underground. It doesn't stop anyone from partaking in it.