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How Feminism Poisons The Mind

Monica EdwardsComment

The more I go on doing anti-feminist stuff, the more I realize my own brain has become poisoned by the feminist doctrine. Obviously I don't buy into any of the crap, that much is clear, but there is something about it that causes a woman to second guess herself. Luckily I am a strong woman and I know bullshit when I see it. Yet, it's become more and more understandable why younger and far more weak girls wouldn't be able to turn away from the fight. Other than the constant cyber-bullying that feminists engage in to try to "turn" other women towards feminism (instead of away):

There is also the problem of faulty (yet somewhat plausible statistics) and fear propaganda that convince more stupid women that if they aren't feminists they are in danger. Even with common myths already repeatedly debunked and by many reputable sources, feminists keep passing around the same ideas. The same propaganda. On occasion they will "update" it so it doesn't look AS BAD as it did before, but they don't go out of their way to provide any actual information that is correct. They also like to train other women/feminists to believe that these sources are wrong because they are organizations run by rich white men. I actually had a feminist tell me that CNN wasn't a valid news source because the patriarchy controlled it and they were only telling people what they wanted to hear. Talk about paranoia. 

Getting to my point. I have surrounded myself with this sort of thing for years now. In order to look more into it and debunk it. I knew from the start that most of their statistics and reports were bias, I just wasn't aware HOW biased they were. Looking more and more into it, I've been forced to exam how blind of an eye can a person turn to the truth in order to make the world believe that women are victims. Though it will never actually effect my behavior or my train of thought (in a way that it will force my behavior to change) I find myself thinking odd things on occasion.

For example, other than this blog I am a writer. Fictional things, mostly horror/sci-fi. I write fan fiction as well as original content and currently have a manuscript under review for possible publication. As such I am constantly creating new characters to write about. Original characters of various genders, races, backgrounds, and sexualities. I write them how I write them, work hard on making their personalities unique but not annoyingly so. Realistic as I possible can. Every so often as I write I wonder to myself, "Huh, will this be misconstrued as sexist? Am I sexist?". During normal day to day activities I see attractive women and think about how hot they are. Then I consider if I'm objectifying them and if this is a bad thing or not.

Now, what it comes down to is, no I am not sexist. Even if I was it's really not a bad thing because for one I'm a woman and for two my sexism wouldn't ever cause me to discriminate against a person. Same with any sort of objectification that I do. Whether it's towards a male or a female, it doesn't matter. Sexism and objectification is utterly harmless unless you are legitimately using those two things as excuses to exclude or harm someone. The problem is I hear this ranting so damn much that it's like a mantra that seeps into my brain and to a mild point it causes second guessing.

My point, in all of this is, that I do think this is why so many women fall for this crap. For one, a lot of fear mongering tactics are used by feminists. As above (with my first example) you see a woman threatening another woman with the safety of her business if she refuses to align with feminists. Then we have the guilt tripping like this:

As you can see, they lay it on thick. There is also a whole bunch of misinformation in these two messages. Especially the second one. Many feminists believe that anyone who is against feminism is also against women. They believe that if you are not a part of a movement, you are against it. Heavily so. The second feminist there, a blog on tumblr called Petal-Plucker, seems to also think that the biggest killer of women every year are men. I assume anyone looking at this website on a regular basis would laugh at how dumb this idea is, yet this is not the first feminist I've seen claim this nor will it be the last. Feminists are seriously bent on spreading the idea that men are the number one cause of death for women. When in actuality it's heart disease (as reported by the CDC) and this across all races. 

This, along with hundreds of other myths, which have been repeatedly debunked, get spread around. When women refuse to adhere to the feminist mentality, these myths get hurled into their faces and they get blamed for them. This happens in real life and online, however I'd be willing to bet the majority of it happens over social media. On a website like tumblr, where most of the people who hang out there are social reject teenagers with nothing better to do than cyber bully, it's no wonder a ton of them are worn down by this kind of shit. When they align with the feminists they feel like they have a huge powerful group behind them. In a way they completely do, considering how seriously the universe takes those people. They fall under this vicious security blanket and by the time they "grow up", if they ever do, they are too brainwashed to realize what they've become. As an intelligent, independent, and strong woman it's not hard to see how this is happening. Yet, you'd think with all the cries for "EMPOWERMENT" feminists make, the last thing they'd want is a hive mind of vaginas baaaahing like sheep.