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#GamerGate, Anita SarkeesianMonica Edwards1 Comment

What is there to say about this woman that hasn't already been said? I've seen so many great arguments about her that there's no real place to start. They are things I've said myself then found repeated online. It seems that this woman gets a whole bunch of attention for lying. Many, many people at this point are aware she's a liar but some how it never makes it into the public spotlight. 

Recently, ABC ran a whole segment with propaganda up to the eyeballs about how #GamerGate is harassment towards women. There was no time given to the opposition, no mention of the fact that there are plenty of female supporters of #GamerGate, and no direction thrown towards the public outcry. It's not even that hard to find. Even on ABC's video channel, where they put up the news segment, there were no lack of replies pointing out that basically everything Anita says is bullshit.  Replies that were mysteriously deleted. Some say by ABC and some say it was the Anita supporters flagging them all as spam until they got removed. The like/dislike ratio on that video is more proof of how bullshit her story is. Yet some how the media keeps turning a blind eye to this sort of thing. 

There are more than enough women and minorities all over social media to dispel the rumor that #GamerGate is only "300 white guys in their mom's basement". There are pictures, blogs, youtube channels, websites, you name it there is proof that Anita is lying. It's not even that hard to find. A thirty second google search will bring you to many places disproving Anita's arguments. Still, the news media coddles her and treats her exactly like the one thing she claims to hate. A damsel in distress. 

You have white knights (AKA Male feminists) fighting for her cause. You have women who were never interested in video games in the first place, demanding they be censored. The public at large is perpetuating the idea that video games now cause sexism, rape, and other violence towards women when we've already more than proven that it does not. Back when Columbine happened, the same subject was brought up, Time and again there was no direct link to video games causing violence. Once again it's the same argument, just tweaked a tiny bit to be gender biased. 

Anita, a woman who has already made public statements like this:

Has some how become a leading authority on video games and what they should contain. A woman who has also made incredibly ignorant statements about how rape is worse than murder. A woman who most likely sent her own death threats. It's already been proven that Anita has stolen footage from other gamers on youtube to use in her own videos. A woman who did a kickstarter for an original goal of 6,000 dollars only to make 150 thousand. She promised a quality upgrade and 12 new videos. An upgrade that looked like this:

Out of the 12 new videos she promised her backers she's only done 4 or 5 and that was in a years time. She hasn't delivered anything that she's promised and she even stole artwork from an artist to use to promote her work. 

Her tax returns denote that she spent 7,500 dollars on games/gaming equipment. Then there is 6K for various video equipment, and 44% of all the money she made went to salary. Which means, God only knows what she fucking did with it. Some how she also managed to get non-profit status of her own business (if you want to call it that) which means she gets to dictate her own salary. Even with her kickstarter breakdown it's very vague as to what she actually spent the money on. There are huge chunks unaccounted for, and considering she didn't actually deliver the product she was trying to get backed, it's abhorrent she gets to keep all that money in the first place. Yet feminists just keep throwing it at her to make problems go away. Problems that Anita invented in the first place. 

Anita was even hired to be a consultant with EA games. She's gotten legitimate work in something she knows nothing about, plus she has feminists throwing money at her as fast as they possibly can. She runs several accounts where you can donate money to her, as well as her youtube channel (where she doesn't allow comments) but happily monetizes it to make money from it as well. Anita is scamming the holy crap out of every last feminist and white knight and laughing all the way to the bank

The woman has connections with another known con artist. She also seems to be some sort of sock-puppet for Jonathan Macintosh:

There is no lack of information on how horrible this woman is. In many cases stuff that proves that she's a fraud gets more views than any stuff that supports her. Yet no one is paying any attention to the opposition. There isn't any rhyme or reason for it other than society has gotten overly politically correct. To a point where they think criticizing a woman is akin to some horrible crime. Anita is a fraud, everyone who supports her is a gullible sheep, and that's all there is to it. This woman found a good con and a long one at that. She will go on to make hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not millions. All she does is prey on the fear of young women. That's all feminism does. Prey on some sort of stupid fear that all men are out to get you all men want to rape you. Every last thing Anita has ever talked about is complete and total bullshit. 

As a female who has been playing video games since I was 5 years old, I find all of this very disturbing. This has gotten so much press that even Law and Order SVU did an ENTIRE episode on #GamerGate. One that got universally slammed in the twitter hastags and ripped apart all over social media. 

More ironically, Anita herself tweeted about HATING the episode when the episode was obviously about her. The writers took everything she says as 100% proof of reality and make her an ENTIRE FUCKING EPISODE and what does she have to say about it?

The entire propaganda episode, very akin to something like Reefer Madness was directly about things she has said and she HATES it. Honestly, this woman has taken being a professional victim to an entirely new level of stupid. The most painful aspect of all of this is that she will continue to profit from it for a long time. Her support hasn't dwindled, she even has feminists who still support her while at the same time wondering what she did with their money. Women are willing to hand over their life savings for her to make the world safe. She knows this, she exploits it, the media doesn't want to expose her, and she's not going to be stopped. How sick and twisted and overly liberal has society become when we entrust a woman who has proven to be a fraud time and again with this level of power?